Owning freedom

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纏脫只在自心 心了則屠肆糟店 居然淨士 不然 縱一琴一鶴̖一花一卉 嗜好雖淸 魔障終在 語云 “能休 塵境爲眞境 未了 僧家是俗家” 信夫! (後 88)

Shackle and liberation only depends on mind. Once attaining enlightenment, even the butchers and the noisy bars turn into heaven. Otherwise, even spending leisure like playing the lyre, making friends with cranes, or planting flowers and grass would never be able to escape from the devil's entanglement. There is an old saying. “Once letting go, eve the nasty world will become heaven. If not be enlightened, even the Sangha will become worldly.” That's right! (Book2 88)

What the mouth says and what is shown cannot be trusted.

Vegetable Root Discourse

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