The application of non-dualism

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The Cave of Tuṣita(Left), Étant donnés by Marcel Duchamp(Right)

There are quite a few places called The cave of Tuṣita in the deep mountains of Korea. A friend who wants to become a monk sent me a picture of looking outside from inside the cave. Tusita is one of the six deva-worlds of the Kāmadhātu, still the realm of desire. It is said that the next Buddha, Maitreya Bodhisattva, is waiting there to be born on earth.

What does it mean?

This is because enlightenment is possible through birth at the mother earth, Gaia(still the realm of desire, place where purity and impurity coexist). It does not mean to get rid of desire absolutely. To the enlightened one, desire is meaningless. The transcendence of desire, not the elimination of desire. If keeping giving away desire(crave), there to become nothing called desire, and if so, the realm of desire naturally collapses. No exist the realm of desire inside the realm of desire. The valley spirit dies not

A diagrammatic representation of the Buddhist Universe