My Lucid Dreaming Journey Day 61 - No License No Problem!

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Feeling Better When I Dream

Seems like my dream recall is getting better and better every day since I finished taking Dream Leaf. Was it really affecting my dream recall negatively or is it just a coincidence? I might never know for sure, LOL.

But, I'm happy that I'm slowly starting to recall more dreams. They are more vivid and it actually feels like I'm dreaming. Before it felt like I was just imagining things instead of dreaming.

It's hard to explain, but my dreams had so little vividness, it just felt like some soft visualizations that you do throughout the day.

For example, when you visualize that triple cheese pizza with extra cheese when you're hungry... The visualization is not vivid. It just feels like something in the back of your head. That's how my dreams felt for some time now.

Sometimes I would wake up and think to myself, "Was I just imagining this, or was it a dream?". And that was really annoying, because sometimes it would feel like I didn't sleep at all, since I thought that I was just imagining stuff, LOL.

I've read that when you wake up and tell yourself that you slept well, you can actually convince your brain that you really did sleep well, thus you feel better.

So, I guess this could work the other way around as well. If I wake up and think that I didn't even sleep, I convince my brain that I didn't sleep, thus I actually feel less rested.

In conclusion, dream vividness and recall is essential for me to feel much better when I wake up and for the rest of the day as well.

I really did notice that when I have amazing dreams, I wake up feeling very good. When I have no recall of my dreams or it feels like it was just my imagination, I feel quite crappy and have no energy.

I guess I'm only going to have even more motivation to get immersed into the dream world, because it makes me feel much better and full of energy when I dream!



Who Needs a Drivers License?

This morning I was able to remember 3 dreams. Almost... It was quite hard to recall anything from the third one, but I did have a lot of memory from the first two. But, I'm going to focus on the first one here.

My memory begins when I was at home. I don't know where I got it, but I had my own car! I simply got out of my house and got into the car.

Now, I never drove a car in real life, so this wasn't a usual dream. I had no drivers license and I didn't know what the fuck I was doing, LOL.

I just drove around not too far away from my house. At one point, I got really close to the wall and I struggled to turn around. So, I bumped into the wall multiple times.

I did some damage to the car. I thought I should return home, since I didn't want to destroy the car. As I was going back, I worried that the cops wouldn't stop me, since I have no drivers license.

But, before I even got back home, my friend called me and we decided to meet up. He was in another city... Yeah, without knowing how to drive I decided to go to another city.

I thought I will know the way, so I didn't turn on the GPS. Surprise, surprise... I didn't know the way, LOL! I traveled to some sort of village that I've never been before.

I remember seeing people there and I was again worried that I would encounter the cops. Then, I got out of the car to take a look around.

Out of nowhere, 2 of my friends popped out. I don't recall what happened next.

But, the whole experience of driving the car was different than what I've experienced in any other dreams. I didn't feel in control.

I felt like I'm gonna crash if I make the wrong move. Driving to the other city felt like 30 minutes or something like that and I was worried this whole time, LOL.

There was absolutely no stability, but I somehow managed to arrive safely. Well, I arrived at the wrong place, but still... I didn't die driving a car for the first time!

The GIF bellow demonstrates how I felt like...



Some Dream Interpretations

I never did this before I started this journey, but it's a great way to get even more immersed into the dream world. I don't necessarily believe the interpretations.

In my dream I was driving a car. What could that possibly mean? Here's what I've found:

If in your dream you are driving, this suggests you can manage whatever you decided to do in your waking life, and the car represents your means in achieving your plans. Driving can represent power, domination, and authority, but also entrepreneurial spirit, emotional stability, and your need to prove that you are a trustworthy person. Driving a car represents freedom, maturity, and self-reliability. (Source)

Well, that's a lot of positive stuff, ain't it? But, I should take into consideration how I felt in the dream and the stability of my driving.

Interpretations often focus on things such as the emotions you had and how you did specific things. As we can see, this interpretations says there's a lot of positivity if you drive a car in your dream.

But... It doesn't say anything if it matters how you drove the car and what you felt during that time.

I was quite worried for the most of my time, since I didn't have a drivers license and I didn't want them to stop me. I was also driving very unstable (like the GIF above, LOL).

It might mean that I'm going towards my goals, but I'm really close to screwing up if I'm not 100% dedicated towards achieving them.

This might be a positive dream that also warns me that I might not achieve what I want if I take the wrong approach.

I'm ending this post here. At the end of each post I'll include my first post (down below) about this journey as it explains why and how I'm doing this! (Full Post Here)

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I Will Be Doing This Every Day!

The main reason I want to start lucid dreaming, is for self improvement.

I've been reading a lot about it and studies have shown that you can actually improve certain abilities by doing it in your dreams.

For example, if you wan't to learn a foreign language, you can practice it in your dreams. Since you're working with your subconscious mind while you're sleeping, you might find out that you know words that you were never aware of while conscious.

It's really all up to your creativity to what you wanna learn and improve upon in your dreams. Is it basketball that you want to become better at? You can do that!

Do you want to become a better fucker? Nobody is holding you back! Just make a nasty slut appear in front of you and do whatever you want with her!

Apparently while sleeping, the neural pathways engaged in the activity are strengthened, and not only imagined or visualized.

To achieve lucid dreaming, a lot of action has to be taken. Well... Some find it really easy to lucid dream, but most have to achieve it the hard way.

It's really important to think about lucid dreaming throughout the day. This way you're telling your subconscious mind that this is what you're focusing on and what you want, thus it gives you the access to control the dream world.

There are quite a few things I will be doing in order to achieve this goal!

  1. So, first of all, I will be posting my whole lucid dreaming journey here on Steemit every day.

  2. I will be writing down all of my dreams on a journal. A dream journal is basically essential if you want to achieve lucid dreaming.

  3. I will do at least 30-50 reality checks every day.

  4. Have a sleeping rhythm. That means I will be going to sleep at the same time every night. I'll also wake up at the same time every morning as well.

  5. I will also experiment with some techniques to induce lucid dreams.

  6. I won't look at any screens (computer, TV or even phone) 30-60 minutes before bed, because I've read that this helps a lot. For those 30-60 minutes I will be meditating.

  7. Talk, read and think about lucid dreaming constantly.

  8. Occasionally I will listen to lucid dreaming binaural beats and hypnosis.

  9. I will use an app called Awoken. This app is designed to help you achieve lucid dreaming. It reminds you to do reality checks throughout the day and it has a dream journal, which is where I will be writing down all my dreams when I wake up.

  10. I will experiment with the supplement called Dream Leaf, I already ordered it and I will use it when it arrives. I will take it only once or at most twice every week to see if it changes anything about my dreams and the ability to become lucid.



Tracking All My Progress!

So, like I've mentioned before, I will be tracking all my progress and I'll be posting about it every day here on Steemit.

Also, after I achieve lucid dreaming, I won't stop posting about my experiences for some time still.

When I achieve my goal, I will be writing down a lot of experiences that I have inside the dream world, and I'll experiment if it's actually possible to improve real life skills while sleeping.

I set a personal goal to achieve lucid dreaming within 30 days starting today. I'm really excited and hopefully I'll be able to do that even faster than 30 days!

This is not the first time I try to achieve lucid dreaming, but I never took it seriously and I was too inconsistent, so I never even came close to becoming lucid.

But this time I'm gonna SMASH it and record the whole journey on this blockchain!

UPDATE: I achieved lucid dreaming for the first time on day 12


I will become lucid tonight!


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That is interesting. I too have here and then dreams where I am in the car with my mother, and suddenly the dream world sends us high up the mountains with meandering serpentines. And what is my mother doing? Suddenly going full speed so that I almost have the feeling the car becomes airborne. Quite tough :)

Haha, must be fun to be in a car that's going this fast!

Not at all! At least not that high up the serpentines in thousands of mentres in height!

Lol, I guess I overlooked that fact :P