My Lucid Dreaming Journey Day 64 - I Seriously Hate Birds Now!

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Lucid dreaming journey day 64.png

Destroy All Birds!

Today, I'm going to talk about birds. Yeah... BIRDS... Those little motherfuckers, that never really bother anyone. Except me!

Hey, I'm not saying I hate birds, because of some odd reason. I never really cared about those creatures. They always blend in with the nature and I never really notice them.

But this morning... I noticed them... I noticed ALL of them...

What do I mean by that? Well... Like usual, I wake up in the morning to perform a technique that could lead to lucid dreams.

I currently do SSILD technique. This technique requires me to fall asleep after I do it, because my senses are enhanced and it carries over to the dream world. This way I can become aware that I'm dreaming.

Anyway, as I was finished with the technique, I tried to fall asleep. Except... I COULDN'T.

Guess why? Because of those fucking birds. I have never heard more annoying birds making all kinds of noises... Loud noises.

I literally couldn't fall asleep for 3 hours, because of those birds. I heard like 20 different birds make noises outside and they wouldn't stop.

The fact that SSILD technique requires me to focus on what I see, HEAR and feel, might've made this happen. I'm not sure though.

When I was focusing on what I hear, I did actually focus on the bird noises. Maybe bringing my awareness to them was the worst idea ever?

Well, I doubt it, because they were incredibly loud and I'm not joking. It felt like I was in a jungle that's full of wild animals everywhere.

I was never bothered by bird noises, but hearing over 20 birds at once is definitely fucking annoying. ESPECIALLY when you're trying to fall asleep.

Plus, it's extremely hot outside, so I couldn't close the windows to block the sounds, or else I would die. I would literally die from the heat and that's not a joke either.

Yeah, what a great post this is!

I hope you enjoyed my incredibly informative post about birds. Spread this wonderful information to everyone.

Birds are fucking annoying.