Inviting Delegations for My SPK | DLUX | DUAT node

in #spk2 months ago

Hi all, I was not very active before, but started to stay active. For now, just share my gaming posts regularly from Dtube as I don't want to share any more posts from other networks here.

I am not a dev yet on the hive and have not done any contribution yet, nor have I had the chance to be a hive witness or hive engine witness, but I plan to run some day for sure.

But for now, whatever I can, I did. For a long time now, I am running SPK/DLUX/DUAT nodes on my servers and being a part of the honeycomb ecosystem.

In the start, I tried to keep my node in power by buying more tokens, but I can not keep up with others. As the airdrop amounts were fixed and related to the staked hive. So, my staked hive being very low, I don't get much airdop.

So, I request you all to help me stay at the top by delegating tokens.

You can access the wallet here

I will not give any direct benefits yet, but you will still earn staking rewards for the amount you will delegate to me in your accounts.


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