You have some LARYNX and don't know how to vote and for who? Just check this.

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Last monday SPK token from the upcoming SPK network just went live and LARYNX just got an interesting upgrade in usability.

From a snapshot taken on January all users are receiving monthly airdrops of LARYNX. Check the full details.

Now it's possible to stake it (like your Hive Power) and delegate it to node service accounts in order to help build up the DPoS consensus.

Although I guessed that It was going to be a bit trickier process it ended up being pretty easy, felt like powering up and delegating Hive power.

in case you haven't done so yet:


  • After that you have to delegate your LARYNX Power to one of the nodes. Full list there. select the amount of LARYNXP to delegate and confirm. In a day or so you'll notice that you're receiving drops of SPK, the governance token for the SPK Network. I recommend holding on to these at the moment.

delegate .png

Don't know who to delegate your LARYNX?

Consider spreading between the following users (not tagging the main accounts in order to avoid mass spamming). All of them are long-term Hivians and it's in their best interest to act honestly for the network (both HIVE and SPK).

And there's someone more who I'm probably forgetting... But 7 accounts is a good starting point to delegate your LARYNX. Maybe you don't have much and you don't think that it makes a real difference, but trust me, long-term its very important. As a backup witness myself, every tiny vote counts!




Thank you for the shoutout and your support!

To you for spreading good vibes and your educating stats :)

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Me ha sido útil, muchas gracias.

That's a nice guide, just reblogged

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Delegated mined! Very useful, thanks :D

Perfect! :)

you definitely forgot someone :) btw I don't know if it's worth staking and delegating a few hundred larynx.

Do it, you don't lose anything and help others.

do you know how long the powerdown takes ?

4 weeks, but at the start, I read about you can never power down.

So meh :D

interesting, thanks :)

should be 4 weeks depending on dlux information

Thank you for the mention @empoderat.

😉😎💪 cool! I was wondering what was happening with that. thanks for the guidance..

NO trade, power up :O

So SPK much worth soon you say?

This is awesome!!! a nice guard.
A must reblog for me!!

I am still confused, I think ive claimed a few times but its very much, whoever can figure this out can participate.