Getting back on the wagon – EOS

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Greeting Splinterlanders! Hopefully everyone had a great EOS chest opening. Reading through some other posts, it looks like a mixed bag, but a common theme amongst the Diamond+ players was that DEC was significantly higher. So the trade-off might be less cards, but more funds to buy the cards you want! Maybe that would drive the value of cards upwards.


I ended the season with a rating of 2556 and had reach Silver 1 league, so I was going to get Silver chests in the upcoming season. However, I made the stupid mistake of not maintaining my CP, so I started the new season in Bronze 3. Such a nub!! I also had 84 season chests, which was great fun to open. P.S. I like to open them manually one by one!


I got 30 cards which was valued around 80 cents and around 500 DEC + potions. Not massive rewards, especially given the amount of time spent playing. However it’s definitely more then anyone will get in the Silver league pre-revamp. The rewards feel fair for someone who doesn’t own tons of cards and not investing heavily in the rental market. Any new players who say otherwise, I would feel are a little greedy.

I am looking forward to the new season, but it has been a tough few hours as I struggle to even get out of Bronze 3….might just take a break and come back in a few days when the competition dies down. Definitely excited to start renting more as this looks like the way to go if I want to improve my rating and start earning the Season Points.

Final Thoughts
The new reward system seems great at the lower levels due to the ease of getting chests if you are willing to do some rentals. And it’s fun to keep chasing the next chest, especially if you punch up and play in a higher league vs your prior season league. The rewards, while not valued much, seems to match the investment required to get them. Of course, this is just looking at my perspective of starting in Novice and playing up. The higher league players might think differently as they might get less chests, but the much increased DEC might make up for it.


Wow! You earned 80+ chests?! That’s amazing, you must have been playing for hours and hours. I reached my May tier two days before season ends and then stopped playing because I though I’d drop down to bronze 3 and be rewarded bronze chest. I’m realising now that it doesn’t work like that and I should have kept playing in the silver league. Looking forward to hammering it for the next season.

It was definitely a slog at at the start as you get so little FP/SP in bronze. But once in Silver, it was madness. I was getting on average 1,700 FP/SP per win, so it only took me like 30 mins to hit 10 daily chests, but it was so addictive to play....hahaha.

I am starting the new season getting Silver chests, but started in Bronze 3 as I dropped a lot of CP at the end and it's been super hard. Could barely get any wins and kept dropping into Novice :0 The bots are back and better, so might wait a few more days before playing again. How's the start of the new season going for you?

Sounds like we are playing at a similar level as I seem to be chasing the same targets as yourself. Bronze league can be so frustrating when you’re on the cusp on silver and then go on a losing streak. After reading what you said about the points rewards in silver I’m definitely going to push for some of that. So far this season I’m doing ok and in the middle of bronze 3 so hopefully break through to silver with plenty of playing time left. You mentioned about the bots but how do you tell they’re bots? Also, what’s your name on splinterlands? I’ll look out for you on the field 😎

I guess they are bots just by their always something that makes no sense and has numbers at the back. There are some fairly famous bot farm like the enminers, I think that's the correct spelling. Also if you look at some of the ECR, they are like close to 1-2%, highly doubt a human will play to that low.

My IGN is the same, but rentals seem to be going back up, so not too sure if I will play again given how hard it is currently. We shall see.

Now you’ve mentioned the bots names having numbers I’m noticing it all the time. Easy wins so far 😎 chocking up some points this season! Hope you do decide to continue