Lamentations on the splinters battle field

in #splinterland2 years ago

Walking back to my Bangalore, after a day of heavy fighting and bleeding on the shards battle field. My internal conversations intensifies is that all there is gettimg betten and batters, worse on the 3x speed it feels like you are recieveing actual slaps to the face. battling against exact cards with a slight change in strattagy makes me realise its a real person on the other side. My killer card missed its final the axe, giveing my oppornent exactly what he needed to win the game..Much to my realisation a heart racing and legs off the ground kicking with hopes my kick would reflect in the game to hit in my just missed attack. Tempted to press battle again a leave all tasks for later..But am reminded splinter lands is more than just a battle of cards its the eco system that wins. with that in mind i head to look at my game statistics and rewards and am smiling once again i just improved 1 over last seasons attempt..Quickly trying to redeem my earning, that i can re invest in the economy only to be hit with faild attemps .What do i do...With a blocked and frustrated mind i post my faliure in the group..In no time elaborate and to the point solutions are given by community admins and am smiling once again and the conversation in my head geta even louder...Make the whole world know once again its not only the eco system, the community is an extra AND THIS is an appreciation post to the community admins who are selfless and ready to see as all win and remind as dont get scammed

Thank you..To the team behind the game and Community you guys make it possible and tonnes of amazing


I acknowledge you, for whatever it's worth lol