Naga Windmaster Battle

in #splinterland4 years ago

Naga WindMaster

My main strategy for this battle was to use my Lord Arianthus and Prismatic Energy to kill any magic attacking opponent monsters while my Naga Windmaster lowered any ranged attacking opponent's offensive capabilities. My golden Ruler of the Seas and my Water Elemental would kill the opponent's front line. My Crustacean King would heal my Lord Arianthus and keep my frontline protected. I didn't have a backup plan, if this didn't work I'd lose.

I half didn't expect this strategy to work. The only reason I chose this was that the battle type was unprotected so I figured they'd expect melee attacks and would go for a monster with great melee punshing qualities. This would've failed if they had used a Lord Arianthus which has both melee and magic punishing qualities.

In general I usually use Naga WindMaster as a status affecting monster.


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