Splinterlands Twitter poll!

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Time for Steemians to show the power of a real community again? :)

Let's see if this is is possible with only 3 hours left to go! :popcorn:

Link to Tweet go go go! :D

Let me know in the comments if you voted for Splinterlands so I can thank you for your time and community effort!

Gonna give this post a small boost since time is of the essence. :D


Done! 💪
'Scuse me for the shite screenie. Trying out a new browser, etc. Not quite used to it yet.


No brainer!

Screen Shot 2020-01-28 at 8.38.09 pm.png

I never thought id leave a like on any Tron related tweet.
Ill have to wash afterwards.

Gave my support. You should retweet it. I follow you and didn't see it. Nevermind, I see that you rewteeted it in the image. My twitter just isn't showing stuff from you.

Its Done

Top notch!

a win would sure be nice! lets gooo

Getting real close, haha!

I have done it. Love this splinterlands ❤️


I voted yesterday, it seems that this time we couldn't win maybe due to twitter bots.


Now imagine if those votes occurred on Steem people could easily check the blockchain to see if it's real users or not. :)

I hope in the future people will notice the huge potential of our blockchain. Time will tell! 🙃

Plz follow me im a new user plz help me

Yep all of a sudden within minutes they got like 400 votes, ridiculous, lol.

haha. Just saw that.
Thats when you deal with TRON. The "bot blockchain".

We were so close



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I also participated in your poll. I cannot tell you anything else because it says downvote.

steem ♨ On !
#dec #splinterlands


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OMG ! DV @flysky :(

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We're reaching them!

When you don't even pretend you're not buying Twitter votes from black markets and pump it hard last 15 mins, lmao.

Holy shit, that's just sad.

Luckily based on what I see, they're still listing the 3 new tokens, so DEC should still be coming. Luckily DEC won't need twitter bot-votes to show what it's worth, it'll prove itself in trading.

41% vs 38% now, we're trailing 3% behind, not impossible to make it as Europe is waking up up now !!!

Yeah, go europe go! :D

@acidyo, Kindly find the below Screenshot for your reference.

Have a wonderful time ahead and stay blessed. 🙂

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@flysky, I am a Full Time Steemian and every penny matters for me. In my opinion i don't deserve this Downvote. Kindly remove the Downvote.

Have a great time ahead and stay blessed.

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Hii respected @acidyo
What wrong is with my this comment and why these guys downvoted my this comment.?

I had voted early, unbelievable how they won at the last minute, absurd.

yeah it's like they magically found 400-500 votes in a span of 5mins :)