Splinterlands Tutorial

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Here's a 7 minute video of how to play Splinterlands. Splinterlands is a next generation trading card game that allows you to play anytime, trade anytime, and earn every win. We're usually ranked number one on dappradar and stateofthedapps though we just moved blockchains to Hive, so that might take a second to catch back up.


Great @aggroed. Why wasn’t this posted earlier? 😁

Great to see this awesome cryptocurrency game finally on #Hive now.

Awesome that we have splinterlands on Hive.

Hive to the moooooon! :D

Steem Blockchain perhaps got zero transaction soon, since steemauto was reported shutting down on STEEM too.

Dappradar already shows us as on Hive.

First time I learn a bit about the rules, maybe I should give it a try.

Thanks a lot for this small tutorial!
I registered almost 2 years ago but started playing about two weeks ago.
Why so late you may ask ... well, I was afraid and told the game might be addictive.
And it is!!!

But now, after this tutorial, I finally know how to position the different monsters in the game. Melee, ranged, magic attacks ... I had no idea.

Now it's all clear and I managed to climb hundreds of places today from the just Bronze II (just around 500) to almost Silver III ... I'm pretty sure I'll make it to Silver III today. Only 63 more points to go ...


Awesome. I will need to find a few more hours to add to my day to play some more. :)

A great Splinterlands video for new players!

this is good, Ive sent it to a couple of people looking to get into the game

I like magic the gathering and I think this might be nice to check out so hopefully signing up tonight

Nice tutorial and a mandatory step in order to expand the game to other players that might not know how to approach it. Clear steps to make it to the game and good hints to make the best out of it.

Listen it all and assimilate all this information if you want to make it big in the game!