Uncle Aggy and Splinterlands on Apple TV

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Check this out. I appear on episode 3 of Killer Whales, which is like a crypto shark tank.

Looks like it'll be appearing on AppleTV, which has something like 500M viewers. So, that's a big deal.

Hopefully that spells out some good things for Splinterlands, invennium, genesis league, arcade colony, and moonkarts. Should bring some eyeballs to Hive.


Hopefully the timing is good for a bull market. I will be watching.


How do you think the episode went?

Great work Aggy!
I was just saying how I still enjoy and am challenged by playing Splinterlands even after 4 years.

I can't wait for Land to be full implemented.

Awesome job 🙌 How long did you get for the pitch?!?!

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This is huge! I might just have to get apple tv so I can watch this.

I haven't been this excited to see a show in so many years.

Awesome work by you on getting into such a huge show!

F'in awesome! I think this kind of exposure is needed as opposed to big initiatives to get eyes on traditional social, which are direct competitors.

Bringing Splinterlands, Genesis League, Moonkarts and, more in general, Hive in front of so many viewers is awesome! Very, very well done!

Awesome! Nice one Uncle Aggy! 😀👍

well done!

Thank you for all the amazing work you did to build on HIVE and provide a path to educate masses on using blockchain, owning your own assets and decentralization. @splinterlands assets makes up the biggest part of my portfolio.

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Good work Uncle Aggy! Amazing to bring the projects to a broad public, that's what we need, the ecosystem is ready and the flywheel started to run.

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