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Hello splinter-cells. I hope you all are doing well.


(I used Ai art generator and hence I can claim it as my own)

After a long time, I finally got the chance to play and collect some meagre rewards from the game I thought was supposed to be based on ranking and not farming in Bronze League. While I avidly try to get out of this league, the other “hungry” people make sure to keep me in here with them.

One such battle I’ve got today.


Battle Conditions


The mana cap is 30, a big amount with which any summoner could be used to build a good deck. The summoners available were: Fire, Nature, Death, Dragon. I chose Death summoner Thaddius Brood because it sets up the best debuffs for the opposition. If they had allowed Water summoners, I would’ve switched as the water monsters would be better in such high mana battle.

Battle rules:

  • Taking sides: neutral monsters may not be used in battle

Battle Details


Let’s start from my side:

Summoner: Thaddius Brood(Ability: Reduction in HP and Magic damage by 1 for all enemy squad)

Tank: Cursed Windeku(Ability: Thorns). This one was upgraded to level 4 but it is capped at level 2 and the summoner is capped at level 2 even though I got it to level 6.
Melee Attackers: Arachne Thug(Ability: Reach), Undead Badger(Ability: Sneak).
Ranged Attackers: Ravenhood Warden(Ability: Protect).
Magic Attackers: Kain Hace(Ability: Blast, Magic Deflection).

I had a choice here, either go for the Elder Lich based deck or Kain Hace deck.

In Elder Lich deck, I would have the Elder Lich and Life Sapper back to back in the center of the deck with Carrion Shade in the back. Carrion shade would act as a shield against the enemy monsters that would have sneak ability and the life leechers would continue to increase in HP unbothered till they get to the tank’s place.
The damage output from the leechers here would be 4 and an HP gain of 3. The only downside of this deck would be that Elder Lich has the lowest speed and so it would’ve attacked in the end of everyone else’s turn.

In Kain Hace deck, I would use the Ravenhood Warden and Kain Hace. That way Kain would do high damage and a good blast damage while him and everyone else would be protected from melee attacks.
The damage output here would be 6 with no HP gain. A potential downside here would be that Kain has a speed of 2, making it the second slowest attacker in the deck but it would have the opportunity to attack before the monsters with 1 speed.

Both ways I would have to use the tank and the one behind would be the same. The difference would be that I would’ve had 2 leechers in Elder Lich and have 1 damage dealer that would have a high blast damage. I chose Kain Hace as it is a more expensive deck and I overall like the high damage output of Kain Hace even though it has a low HP.

My total damage output was 12 per round, including the blast damage of Kain.

Now for the opposition:

Summoner: Mimosa Nightshade(Ability: decrease in damage of enemy ranged attackers by 1, void, affliction)

Tank: Harklaw(Ability: Shield).
Blocked Attackers: Corpse Fiend(No Ability).
Magic attackers: Life Sapper(Ability: Life Leech), Venari Bonesmith(Ability: Life Leech), Elder Lich(Ability: Life Leech), Therosa Nightshade(No Ability).

His deck was an interesting one as it focuses on the leech attackers that he has in the back shielded by Harklaw the indomitable. Behind it was a dummy monster that was there just because they were short on people. The last magic attacker had no ability and low HP, this meant that he had offered up this lady to give his Elder Lich an extra round to sap up the HP from the opposition. The Bonesmith and Life Sapper were his ‘fast’ life stealers and were a great distraction from the main target: Elder Lich.

His overall damage was 8 as he has a blocked attacker but his HP again was 4, a huge amount.


Major Events

Round 1


A swift Badger eliminated his Nightshade in the back in the first turn, drawing first blood.


His ‘fast’ leechers got what they wanted and then came kain’s turn. He decimated the dummy monster behind Harklaw.

Round 2


His Harklaw finally kicks the bucket and the pathway to his leechers was now open. It was down by Kain the destroyer.


At the end of the round, his Lich opened up a pathway for the other leechers to kill my tank as he reduced my tank’s HP to 2.

Round 3


And finally, my tank gave in as well.


Life sapper couldn’t get much HP from my dying tank and so my Arachne Thug eliminates his * Life Sapper**.

Round 4


And soon, his Bonesmith fell thanks to my Arachne Thug.


And finally, Kain decimates one last opponent off the deck and out of the game.


While he had a more expensive summoner that has a good overall buff and debuff he lost due to ill planned monsters in the deck. He did have a strong tank and a good leech squad but he f*** up bad as he did not consider the speed of his attackers. His primary focus was with his leechers, but apart from the Elder Lich everyone else could attack early on. That gap was what he didn’t factor in when building his deck. He should’ve focused on getting monsters with more speed, that way he could’ve gotten his attacks early on instead of waiting for the end. That’s why he had lost.

Battle Link

Battle link



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