Higher Stakes With Lady Monsters!

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Hello splinter-lovers. I hope you are doing well.



Today, I am going to share with you guys a battle that left me speechless due to the sheer perfection. A plan that I always wanted to go a certain way… has gone a certain way in this high stakes battle with lady monsters on my team.

And, this sorta “casual” win can only be achieved in the Bronze league, where the “fish and sharks” lurk about for the sps. Preying on small time players like myself.
So, without further ado, let’s begin!


Battle Conditions


The mana cap is 29 and all the summoners were available. I didn’t choose Death summoner this time as I anticipated my opponent to do something daring. I chose Life summoner, Franz Ruffmane and his ability is to allow the use of 1 Gladiator monster and additionally provides an extra shield to all allies.

Battle rules:

  • Born Again: all monsters have the rebirth ability.

This ruleset gave me a brilliant idea.


Battle Details


Let’s start from my side:

Tank: Chaos Knight(Ability: Shield).
Melee Attackers: Sunkai Harvester(Ability: Reach), Celestial Harpy(Ability: Opportunity).
Ranged Attackers: Venari Marksrat(Ability: Martyr).
Magic Attacker: Captain Katie(Ability: Snipe, Bloodlust).
Blocked Attackers: Gargoya Scrapper(No Ability).

My strategy was simple, it was to feed my Bloodthirsty monster(Captain Katie) with as much monsters as possible. To cover her from the front, I kept Chaos knight and Sunkai Harvester on the forefront. That way, the delay for Katie to come up would be long. I defended from the back with Gargoya who was a mere punching bag and Celestial Harphy that had a flying ability. That could potentially make his monsters miss their attack. And finally, I put Veneri Marksrat in front of Katie. That way, should the battle move to his direction, Katie would get a buff twice before coming to the Tank’s position with Marksrat’s Martyr ability.

My overall damage output was 9. Should Katie’s bloodlust trigger, it would increase linearly.

Now for the Opposition:

Summoner: Tarsa(Ability: Increase in HP and Melee damage by 1 to all ally monsters).

Tank: Grum Flameblade(Ability: Void Armour, Bloodlust).
Melee Attackers: Tenyii Striker(Ability: Sneak), Uraeus(Ability: Sneak).
Non-Attackers: Scavo Hireling(Ability: Repair).
Ranged Attacker: Lava Sniper(Ability: Snipe).

His strategy was simple and not so effective. His strategy revolved around 2 aspects:

  • the survival of his Bloodthirsty monster(Grum).
  • the attack from the back by Striker and Uraeus.

Scavo Hireling was merely there to keep the shield on Grum and Lava spider was a there to challenge the remaining monsters on the center of my deck.

His overall damage per round was 12. If his bloodlust got triggered, it he damage would increase linearly as well.

Major Events

Round 1


This was the moment that defined success. Katie went directly for the monster with the lowest HP, Scavo Hireling. And so, her bloodlust triggered and she got additional HP, Speed, and magic damage.


But it came at a cost too. Striker and Uraeus worked simultaneously and takes out my Gargoya. F the second casualty for the first round.

Round 2


Sadly, my Harpy took out the Scavo-Hireling and so **Katie went for the monster at the end of his deck, Lava Spider. And so, no more shield replenishing.
Another good aspect was that no other attacker was concerned about my tank except for his tank. His damage was reduced by 3 thanks to my tank’s ability.


Striker and Uraeus combo deleted my Gargoya for second and final time as Harpy missed it’s attack on Spider, a good thing I say.

Round 3


And, at the start of the round, Katie finishes off the spider and attains bloodlust once again.


Striker and Uraeus did not miss their mark with Harpy, just my luck.

Round 4


Chaos Knight eliminates his tank for the first time after Katie finishes off his Lava Spider for the last time and gains bloodlust again.

Round 5


This time, Katie target was switched to his tank. And with one attack she removed all of his shield.

Round 6


The next round, like house cleaning, Katie cleanses the deck one attack at a round and hitting that sweet bloodlust perk.

Round 7


**Katie deletes Uraeus for the first time.


And shortly after, Chaos Knight finishes off the game with a smooth strike.


Since in this lousy league, monsters with Flying and Dodge can almost always make other monsters miss their shot. Lava spider posed no threat since almost all of my monsters were shielded up good.
Moreover, his gladiator monster was one of the worst choices even though it fit perfectly with the ability of his summoner. I say that with confidence as his monster had the lowest speed, that only meant one thing. He was asking me to take out his monster for him as that guy was going to hit my monsters at the dead last. If this was a battle with a rule of Reverse Speed, maybe then he could’ve walked out victorious.

Moreover, when the enemy has monsters with flying, no matter how much the speed, I always get f*** as my attacks never land on his but when the setting is reversed, EVERYTHING TURNS AGAINST ME.

But today’s battle was one of the best one in a long time as what I wanted my monsters to do was done by them perfectly. And that brings me to a conclusion that maybe some lady monsters are more powerful than the male counter-parts.


Battle Link

Battle Link

Thank you for reading this far, see you legends on the next one.


It's great to see your detailed post of this battle. Your battle details, combined with the images can help readers follow the action step by step.

Yes, I try to give that to the readers a clear image if what has happened in the battle.

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