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RULESET: Equal Opportunity


All units gain the Opportunity ability which allows them to attack the unit with the lowest health on the enemy team.

Link to My Battle

Opportunity is an interesting ability that provides any monster at any position to target the lower-health monster. I do have an interesting battle to share in this post.

The ruleset of this battle has the opportunity and also Silenced summoners where summoners do not provide ant buffs/debuffs. We also have the ability to choose from Fire, Life and Dragon splinters and this battle provides us with a mana cap of 24.

I have chosen my splinter as Fire and below are my Lineups.


I have chosen the summoner with the lowest mana cost available since we have silenced summoner as the Ruleset. Tarsa has become the choice as she was the lowest mana summoner available to me in Mordern league.

1st Card - Ferox Defender

Ferox defender is a soulbound reward card which is a good tank with high health and good amount of armor. It also has the ability protect which gives +2 armor for all monsters.

2nd Card -Lava Spider

It is a great low mana card with snipe ability.

3rd Card -Venari Markrat

one of my favorite soulbound cards. Martyr is an superb ability which gives +1 stat increase to the adjacent monsters once this card dies. This card should be a staple in every opportunity rulesets.

4th Card -Djinn Apprentice

Great card with low mana and good attack power, magic is one of the better attack type in this ruleset helps to circumvent armor.

5th Card -Radiated Scorcher

1 mana card which takes the enemys attack , perfect for opportunity ruleset.

5th Card -Scorch Feind

A perfect addon to this ruleset with 0 mana and 1 health.


My opponent took Dragon summoner Helios with lineup of Djinn Chwala, Radiated Brute, and Tenyii Stryker.

End of Round 1, my scorch feind has been taken out and enemys radiated Brute is in his last health.

End of Round 2, Radiant Brute has been taken out and my forces are trying to finish off Tenyii stryker.

End of Round 3, my tank Ferox defender has been taken out by Djinn Chwala, Radiated scorcher is also taken out. Lava Spider is in first position and Tenyii stryker has only 2 health left.

End of Round 4, Tenyii stryker has been taken out by Djinn Apprentice. Lava spider is in his last health after the attack from Djinn Chwala.

End of Round 5 & 6,Lava spider is taken out by Djinn Chwala. Djinn apprentice is alowing taking out the health from Djinn chwala. Venari Markat is defeated by Djinn chwala and activates the Martyr ability which provides increase in stat of Djinn apprentice.

Round 7 completes the battle by Djinn apprentice taking out Djinn Chwala.


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