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We all know how powerful the Gladius cards are, these were exclusively to be used when we Brawl. But that has changed now with the arrival of the new soulbound cards where the new Summoners had the ability to use one Galdiator card and also there were some specific Ruleset introduced which allowed Gladiator cards to be used. In my opinion this has increased the value of these super powerful gladiator cards.

I have chosen one of the underdogs in Gladiator cards, we often hear about Quora or Tatiana when we talk about gladiator cards. Here i want to showcase the Fire splinter Gladiator card Chimney Wallstop.

Chimney at the base level starts with an impressive 5 Attack, 3 shields, 8 Health and 1 Speed with Reach and Bloodlust ability. As we level up, he greatly increases the attack and gains repair at level 5 and Strengthen at level 9.

Chimney has slow speeds and would greatly shine in Reverse speed ruleset along with no Armor ruleset or with monsters having Rust. Although chimney is slow, if other monsters can take out the armor in the first monster, chimney with the high attack power can take care of the rest. He can be used also as a great tank in lower mana rulesets.

I want to show case a recent battle using Chimney and the latest Soulbound Fire Summoner. The Battle had Target Practice and Aim True rulesets

Link to My Battle

My Line up has Eterrnan Brune as the summoner providing -2 Armor and ability to use gladiator cards. Ferox Defender was the first card a good tank who also provide armor for all the monsters. Chimney was second with reach and extremely high attack power and also the ruleset aim true ensures chimney doesnt miss. Third card was Firecaller, a superb card with high damage and Martyr ability, since the ruleset provides snipe abilites to the enemy monsters this card card give +1 in stats when taken out, Fourth card is Tenyii stryker with sneak ability, Fifth slot was for Iidri Fire who has Taunt and Redemption. The Final card is Scavo Hireling with the Repair Ability.

Round 1 - 3

Round 1 ended with with no causalities in both sides, almost all monsters had thier shield lost and Iidri Fire in near to be taken out. Round 2 had Iidri Fire and Firecaller taken out and chimney and striker getting +1 stat due to Martyr. Alvar was taken out from the enemy. Round 3 ended with Chimney stomping on the enemy.

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

Round 4 - 5

Round 4 ended with chimney stomping down the enemy and Tenyii stryker almost finishing the axe Master. Round 5 ended very quickly with Chimney and Tenyii taken out the remaining monsters.

Round 4

Round 5

Thanks for Reading.


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