How to trading-win in Splinterlands

For example account: "haigame4744"

  1. Submit sm_find_match and get battle_queue_id: sl_9dc7d70313fe57fcbdecb2b59d408df8

  2. Send battle_queue_id: "sl_9dc7d70313fe57fcbdecb2b59d408df8" to the database


From 1 of the 2 links above, get value

opponent: "sl_c95d69e6389a586d8483c2588fc10170"

  1. Send "opponent" into the database and compare if 2 accounts have "battle_queue_id" = "opponent".

From there, they will identify 2 accounts in the same bot farm or bot app that are matching in the battle. They will calculate which account wins will be more profitable and do trading-win

Example: "anpht" is a bot farm do trading-win

Check hiveblocks these accs from (Picture Screenshot 1) "haigame4744","haigame2520","gamecoin5702","gamecoin2005","haigame4904",...

They send sm_token_transfer to "anpht" (Picture Screenshot 2)

Screenshot 2.png

Solution: Delete or hide "opponent" like "opponent_player": "???", it will not be possible to identify the 2 accounts in the battle with the same bot farm or bot app

Will I get a reward for finding this vulnerability?

Thank you


good catch I hope you get this recognized as a problem

Unfortunately, I think that's more of a feature than a bug. The team has said before that it's frowned upon but still allowed.


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I would suggest asking the DEV team in Discord. You can also maybe post this in the Splinterlands community for more visibility.

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Nice catch! The more exploits and vulnerabilities we find for the team to fix, the better SL will be. :)

Thank you so much. I'm so grateful. God bless your work and family too. You will never see this kind of fire disaster or experience it. Amen. @anhdaden146

I hope they adress this issue soon, i gonna try to talk to the team about it.