My Splinterlands' battle of the week: Using Flesh golem

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Hello everyone!

I came this week to share my battle with the chosen monster: Flesh Golem. A great meele monster with Heal ability turns it in a pretty strong tank, perfect to use it as first monster and when you use another healer to gains an extra heal every round it became almost invencible.

First, lets read the Lore:

The ghastly Flesh Golems of Anumün reside in the damp root tunnels of the Elder Tree. These remnants of the lost tribes from before the Splintering have incredible powers of regeneration. Since they drink from the River of Power, the Flesh Golems each attack with the strength of a hundred men.

I will obviously play with my eath splinter but I have a problem, with my earth summoner my Golem will not have the heal ability but my best summoner righ now is a Dragon One so I will resolve this using it.


Lests give an extra fly ability to everyone, this way my enamy could miss some attack too

First Card

High Healt, heal ability, medium speed and a decent meele attack to use it as first monster.

Second Card

Always a great second monster because it will receive the snipe attacks, covering the magic partners an retaliate when become the first monster

Third Card

Big damage and a little slow. Perfect to this match and target the last monster with it Sneak ability

Fourth Card

Soooo slow, perfect for this battle! with a great magic attack, it will back to life my first dead monster.

Fifth Card

As the fourth card, creat magic attack and slow and wil reduce the enemy armor by 2

Sixth Card

This guy will go againts the weakest monster and if I have to loose one first, this will be the chosen one 😄

Now, The battlefield looks like this so: Who do you think will win? How many rounds will survive my flesh golem? all this will work or not? Just click here to see the batle

See you in a next challenge 👍


Great Fleshy Challenge and really close win.



Thanks for sharing! - @xawi

cool, nicely done. And yes when you use more healers it becomes invencible no doubt. Indeed very powerful tank