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Hello friends, how are you all, today I am going to do my first post SHARE YOUR BATTLE Weekly Challenge, friends, I do not know how to write well, but I am trying my best. So that I too can write my post well. and help my friends. So that those people can also participate in this. That's why I love writing about Splinterlands games. And friends, when I started playing this game, I did not know that I would ever write a post about this game. But friends, I have written too many posts till now and have also got votes from steemmonsters. I had stopped writing posts from the time I traveled, but now I have started writing posts. Now I have become very active.


Friends, today I am playing a 17 -mana betal game. First, the requirement for the summoner was necessary. Friends, I am selecting my water team. For this, I first select the water summoner, because in water there are three types of summoners, 1 ALRIC STORMBRINGER. 2 KELYA FRENDUL. 3 BORTUS.

I decided to take the fastest summoner. ALRIC STORMBRINGER summoner doubles the magic attack power of magic attack cards. Friends, this summoner costs 3 mana. And friends, you know that I am playing a 14-mana betal game today. If you take any summoner, you should know a little about it. Only then can you make a good strategy.


Then I first took the TORRENT FIEND card. This card is 0 mana, and has 1 health, 1 attack, and 2 speed. If you don't have a 0-cost card, you should consider buying this card as it is very important in battles. This card has the potential to help you win many battles. The current price of this card is $4, but it may increase in the future. Then I took the Furious Chicken card at position 2, this card is 0 mana, so you can take this card in your low mana battle. Are. Friends, if you take this card in your battle, then you do the safety of your other cards, because friends, you will want to keep this card at the forefront. And if the front team attacks, then it directly comes on this card.

Then I have taken the LOBSTRADAMUS card at position 3, it is of 6 mana and this card has health of 9, attack of 1 and speed of 1. If you take this card with Water Summoner, then the attack of this card becomes 1+ because this card specializes in magic attack. Then I took The RULER OF THE SEAS card on the 4th position. Friends this card is very lucky for me because whenever I have taken this card in my fight, I have won the fight. I like to take this card in my every fight and I also want to buy this card. Friends, this card has a magic attack and its attack only works on the health of the person in front. Friends, this card is of 6 mana, it has 5 health, 2 attack and 3 speed. Everyone gets scared after seeing this card. This card looks like a mummy. Then I have taken ICE PIXIE card on 5 position, friends this card is of 2 mana. That's why I like to take this card in all my battles. This card has 1 Health, 1 Attack Power, and 3 Speed. This card is not affected by Earth Care.


Friends, you can see that I won this battle very easily which you can see. If you like my post then do share and comment.

My Battle Link ;-


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you explained very well and i liked your first post about splinterlands battle , keep continue your this great effort

Thank you very much brother. I'm still trying to write. And I have a lot to learn from you.