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Hi friends, welcome to all of you on my BATTLE MAGE SECRETS Weekly Challenge post. This is my second post of this week. Which I have written for you. I want to write something new every time. And I try to I keep sending good information to you. There are a lot of users like this. Who is very expert in writing good posts. And I also learn a lot from such users so that I can give accurate information to you.


Today I have to play a 16-man battle. That's why I took THADDIUS BROOD Death Summoner in the first place. Who looks like a dangerous devil. Anyone will be scared to see him. This summoner costs 4 mana. And its speed is 1
This reduces the health and magic attack of the opposing team's cards to -1, which is very effective for winning and losing.


Then I took the CURSED WINDEKU card which is a bird named Bat. Who is called the king of the night. One who hunts at night. He is the blood father of every living being. This card has 6 mana and 9 health. 2 is attack parity and 3 is speed. I think this card is very good like this. Because when someone attacks it, the reflex hook is returned to that card. Which is not there in other cards.


Then I took the FURIOUS CHICKEN card. The name of this card sounds very good. Because many people do poultry farming and I also like to keep poultry. This card is of 0 mana, so you can take it in any battle. And this card also has attack power when you level it up. But I only use this card to save on other cards.

Then I took the CURSED SLIMEBALL COMMON DEATH card. This card is worth 1 mana, and Atek Pawar is also one. And the speed is also 1. Which gives this card a very different identity from other cards. You can use this card in low-mana battles. Which will be beneficial for you. I also use this card in low-mana battles.

Then I have taken the LIFE SAPPER RARE DEATH card, which is a magic card. This card increases damage to the front card and also increases its own health. And this card has 3 mana, an attack power of 1, and a speed of 2. Health is 2. But when you use this card in Voter Earth Summoner, the attack parity of this card doubles.


My battle link :-


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