Battle Mage Secrets Weekly Challenge!

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Hello friends, how are you all, I hope you and your family will be well, friends, today after a long time I got a chance to write about the Splinterlands game. Because you know that life has become very hectic if you do not work on time then you have to listen to others. And today I am going to tell you about my strategy regarding Splinterlands which has made me very happy.


Today is also a day of happiness because today the crypto market is green and every hive coin is also rising by 10%, seeing which gives a lot of peace in the heart. Because everyone has waited a long time for the bull market and today it has started. And today is the day I have chosen to write a post. So friends, let us first talk about a very good card which I liked very much today. Whose name is GRUM FLAMEBLADE, who is a very powerful demon and everyone gets scared after seeing him. Who has two big teeth and is standing with a sword in his hand. It seems as if he is calling someone for a fight. This card is worth 11 mana. And comes with 10 health, and attack power of 4. And the speed is 1, which I found low, if the speed was higher then this card would have attacked much faster. But one thing that is very useful in this card is 5sealed which is very useful in the true sense. You get this card up to 4 levels which costs $12.


So friends, let's talk about the battle, today's battle was very exciting, I have taken my best card.
I decided to play 36 Mana Battle, so I took Fire Summoner because today I had to take my favorite card. That's why I chose the fire team. Which I think has the power of a battle. I have taken the GRUM FLAMEBLADE card first in this battle. After that, SERPENTINE SPY card is taken at second position which has less mana but is very adept in attack. After that, I have taken TENYII STRIKER at position 3, which is a very good card. This card is worth 5 mana. Then I have taken SCAVO CHEMIST at position 4. This card looks like a stomach. After that I have taken SCAVO FIREBOLT card which is very low cost. But friends, I had tried my best to win but friends, I could not win the battle.



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dear , lineup, you placed good lineup, and you are getting strong experience,but i think your lineup was very good, and in future you will win, you placed nice lineup in my view, but win and lose is the part of battle, do not worry if you could not win

ha bro apne sahi kaha

Thanks for sharing! - @yonilkar

thanks bro