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Hello friends, how are you all I hope you and your family are doing well. Friends, once again I welcome you all to my blog. Today I am going to write the first post of this week on the Splinterlands Social Media Challenge! But before that, let's talk a little about the market. CPI data was due to come out on February 14th. Before that, negative news had started spreading in the market. But after the CPI data came out, the market started pumping again. As I am writing this post, the market has pumped 6%. When the market turns green, it brings a lot of peace to the heart.

Franz Ruffmane.jpg

Friends, let's start writing our post for the Splinterlands Social Media Challenge. Today, I have to play the Battle with a mana value of 28. For this, I have chosen the FRANZ RUFFMANE RARE Life Summoner first. I received this summoner as a reward for playing a quiz. This is the first time I am using this summoner. This summoner costs 6 mana, and when you see it, it appears as if holding a hammer in its hand. You cannot buy this summoner from the market, you can only get it as a reward for playing quizzes.


After getting the summoner, I first chose the SHIELDBEARER card. This is an 8 mana card with 4 armor and 9 health. It has 2 attack and 2 speed. Friends, it is important to choose a card in our battle that can buy some time for other cards to make their move and help us win the battle. That's why I have selected this card.


I have placed the GARGOYA SCRAPPER card on 2 positions. GARGOYA SCRAPPER is a life card that I use to protect my other cards. Friends, this card only costs 1 mana. That's why I prefer to include this card in my battles whenever I get the opportunity.

Cave Slug.png

Then, I have taken the CAVE SLUG COMMON card on three positions, friends this card does flying attack. This card is of 5 mana, has health of 4, attack of 2, and speed of 1.


Then I took the STITCH LEECH card on the 4th position. This card is a life card. Whenever you see this card, it looks like a flower to you. Friends, this card is of 3 mana, 3 health, 2 attacks, and 1 speed. Friends, you can take this card in a low value battle. This is a flying attack card. The best thing about this card is that you get a 3 health card at a low mana cost.


Then I took the LUMINOUS EAGLE card at position 5. this is a life cardThen I took the LUMINOUS EAGLE card at position 5. this is a life card , friends, when you see this card, you only see an eagle. And it also works like an eagle. Friends, this card is of 6 mana and 5 health, and attack is of 2 and 3 is its speed. Friends, this card attack is also done by being flying. Just friends, you have to keep this card in the last, so that it can attack more.


the last I have taken the FURIOUS CHICKEN card. This is a RARE Neutral card. Which you can take in any summoner. This is a 0 mana card, which doesn't consume any mana, so you can take it in any of your battles.




You can see today I have used a new summoner. This is of the summer life. I have played the battle, I have also put the images of that. And you can see how I've put the cards in different positions.

My Battle Link :- https://splinterlands.com?p=battle&id=sl_40c7355bff49aa5803544fdf9fe839cf&ref=arsh11


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