Splinterlands Social Media Challenge - Theme: Share Your Battle

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Hello friends, how are you all, I hope you and your family are well and living a good life. Welcome all of you to my social media challenge post. Friends, I get very little time like this. To write posts, and whenever I get time, I try to write posts. And I convey the best information to my friends. So that they can get some help. Many other users write very good posts on Splinterlands. And today also I am going to do the same.


Whenever you play your battle, first of all you should know the strategy of the opponent. When you know his strategy then you can easily win the battle. Therefore, first of all you have to find out what kind of cards the opponent takes. And to find out which team and summoner he takes the most and which card. For this you can see his 5 battles. Then you have to create your team. And whatever rules come, they have to be followed properly. If you make a team with a little hard work, you will benefit a lot. And your rank is also going to improve a lot.


Today I felt like playing a battle, so I have taken Water Summoner which is very powerful. Whenever the opponent comes to play battle with Fire Summoner, then you should take Voter Summoner because Water Summoner has a lot of cards with magic attacks. Which directly attacks health. But many times your favorite cards are not there due to rules. Due to which you can also defeat the battle. Today I have taken the SEA MONSTER card first, this card is of 8 mana, the specialty of this card is that this card takes a big hold, that is why I like to take this card in my battle. Then I have taken HARDY STONEFISH card at second place, this card is worth 0 mana. And the purpose of taking this card is only to protect the other card from the opponent's attack. Because this card has both a seal and an attack power. Then I have taken the FESTING SEAWEED card at 3rd place because I like this card very much. This card is of 4 mana and attack is of 2. After that I have taken DEEPLURKER at 4th position, this card has 6 mana and attack is 3 and health is 6. Then lastly I have taken SWAMP SPITTER which looks like a warrior in itself. Who is known by his attack.


I have taken the card with my full understanding but due to rules I could not take my favorite card, due to which I have suffered loss, but this does not happen every time. You can win and lose, it is a part of life. Whenever we lose, we get to learn a lot. That's why I say that the more you lose, the more fun you see. Thank you all.