BATTLE MAGE SECRETS Aim True ability using Mylor with amplified Thorns

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Ahoy fellow Splinterlands players. The Splinterlands weekly challenge has been revamped to now feature a Ruleset each week instead of a specific card. It's been a little while since I joined the weekly battle challenge. I do intend to join it regularly but I've sometimes been forgetting or then I wanna make my post on Monday and didn't actually have a good battle with the featured Monster saved 😅

Well this week I am definitely back to join it, and will also try to join the next one.

This week the featured Ruleset is the Aim True ruleset. With this Ruleset all Attacks always hit their target.

That ruleset has the following icon.


During this ruleset Flying and Dodge don't really matter much since attacks can't miss anyway. Even for Monsters with Phase it doesn't matter to have the ability as Magic Attacks won't be able to miss either.

The battle that I want to share in this week's post is from the Brawl just a few days ago. As I mentioned many times in my Gladius Case opening videos I play in the Gold Foil Fray which you will be able to see in this lineup. Some of the cards are owned, some are rented to compliment the ones that I own.

In the Brawl battle where the Aim True ruleset popped up I had to fight against the player djrockx from the guild Plan B.

Here is a photo of our lineups at the start of the battle.


Battle Rules

In this battle there is a Mana Cap of 30 with Earth, Life, Death and Dragon available. The battle has 3 rulesets.

  • Aim True: Attacks always hit their target.
  • Odd Ones Out: Only Monsters with odd Mana costs may be used in battles.
  • Up to Eleven: All Monsters have the Amplify ability.

Battle Lineup

The Amplify ability on all Monsters means that the damage from Thorns, Return Fire and Magic Reflect is increased by one. In such a low-ish Mana battle with only odd Mana cost Monsters and Life available it is quite possible my opponent would bring some Sneak Monsters to the battle. I decided that Thorns would be great to have in that case so I used Mylor as my summoner.

In the case of my opponent not bringing many Melee Monsters I decided to put the Centauri Magi up front as it has Return Fire. Combined with Mylor it now has Return Fire and Thorns! Just in case of Magic Attackers I also brought the Mushroom Seer with Silence so that Magic Attacks wouldn't deal too much damage.

My placement of Paliddon Rakk as 2nd might seem odd at first, because he can't attack from there. But the reason for placing him there is that I want him as a second frontline after Centauri Magi goes down. The Centauri Magi here serves as purpose to weaken my opponents team with Return Fire and Thorns, so that it's then easier for Paliddon Rakk to deal with the opponents. My Screeching Vulture and Venari Scout can also benefit from that Centauri Magi weakening the enemy backline (if it's not filled with Sneak), so that they can help take out that backline even faster with their Opportunity.

Lastly I brought Goblin Chef for potential Affliction hits if he's fast enough, and then he also serves as a bit of backline protection in the case of Sneak on the enemy team.

Battle Analysis

My opponent is using Sthispa with Phase, due to this ruleset Phase is not important at all as all attacks will hit anyway, but it seems that they actually chose to go with Sthispa just to bring some Dragon Monsters into the battle. As 3 of their Monsters are Dragon. Most are Melee Attackers so I did make a good decision bringing Mylor.

In Round 1 the Uraeus of my opponent attacks my Goblin Chef, which makes its armor go down. Then my Screeching Vulture and Venari Scout attack it with their Opportunity to kill it and already trigger my opponents Resurrect. Which means it's already no longer available for my opponents frontline.

Bramble Pixie already takes some Thorns damage from attacking my Centauri Magi. My Centauri Magi and Mushroom Seer use their Magic Attacks to weaken the Desert Dragon. Then the Desert Dragon attacks and my Centauri Magi and loses its armor to the Thorns. It does kill my Centauri Magi there, so thanks to its Trample ability it now attacks my Palidon Rakk, but that hit causes it to take more Thorns damage and faint.

In this screenshot you can see that its Trampling to hit my Palidon Rakk.


Because the Desert Dragon faint to the Thorns on my Palidon Rakk, it counts as a kill for him and triggers his Bloodlust. My Palidon Rakk then still gets to attack the Bramble Pixie and bring it to 1 hp.

In the next round my Palidon Rakk goes first and kills the Bramble Pixie which triggers Bloodlust again.

My opponents Dragon Whelp and Uraeus attack my backline, killing my Goblin Chef and weakening my Venari Scout. But that leaves both of them so vulnerable that my Venari Scout and Screeching Vulture then take out the Dragon Whelp and Uraeus.

Then my Palidon Rakk deals the final blow to Oshuur Constantia to secure the victory!

Here is a final screenshot of Palidon Rakk's damage against Oshuur Constantia.


Did my Strategy work?

Yes, playing Mylor here was a great decision to have the Thorns! It was a bit unfortunate to see now Ranged Attacks on my opponents team because of my Centauri Magi having Return Fire and Thorns. But yeah its Thorns was still great against my opponents Desert Dragon and Brambie Pixie.

Placing Palidon Rakk as 2nd Monster even though it can't attack from there was an excellent strategy! It was able to get Bloodlust through a Thorns kill after my Centauri Magi went down and then it could start attacking too.

While Goblin Chef's Affliction didn't matter because of no heal on my opponents team, it still served its secondary purpose as backline protect for Sneak.

My idea of combining full Thorns lineup thanks to Mylor with a Venari Scout and Screeching Vulture to attack the backline with their Opportunity abilities worked out perfectly too!


Everything worked out like I wanted it to, so it was a really great lineup. In this battle there isn't anything that I would've really changed. All I maybe wanted to see different was perhaps 1 or 2 Ranged Attack units on my opponents lineup just to see them take damage from the Return Fire on my Centauri Magi.

That's it for my Battle Mage Secrets challenge this week. Thank you for reading!

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