Pixelart Comic: Two Guns

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These two Pirate had a chance to meet and had some conversations about their experiences. While they are chatting, Pirate Captain saw Two Gun Pete holding two guns. As far as he know they are only given or allowed to carry one gun. He tried to ask him, "Why do you have two guns!?". Two Gun Pete was petrified and began to sweat. He tried to compose his self and answered the question of Pirate Captain. "The other one is for my pet", Two Gun Pete replied nervously.
Two Gun Pete tried to change the direction of their conversation and ask some questions about Pirate Captain. While Pirate captain is still getting suspicious about Two Gun Pete.


Outline of the body of the characters.

Adding details for the first character, Pirate Captain.

Details on the clothing.

Details on its head.

Outline of Pirate Captain is done. Proceeding to the next character.

Outline of the clothing for Two Gun Pete.

Coloring the characters.

Coloring the skin.

Details for the clothing.

Shadings and shadows.

Coloring the second character.

Coloring the top portion of its body.

Changed the color of its background.

Adding details on the eyes of the characters.

Adding details for the background.



Hi, I like your beautiful art, nice day.👍👍👍

Thanks for sharing! - @alokkumar121