Azmare Dices results - Opening 220 DICES! 🐉🎲 - SPLINTERLANDS!

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Hey guys!

Azmare dices are here, and with airdrop incoming it's a great time to secure some of the new packs!
There are great cards in there that I already love, such Goblin Dartling, Kralus, Lorna Shrine and Brighton Bloom! I'll discuss those in a separate post in the future. Without further ado, let's see the openings!

Schermata 20200831 alle 14.08.27.png

I was already happy after gold Cthulhu and a wild gold Caladuum appears!

Schermata 20200831 alle 14.27.33.png

2 GFL in 110 packs!

Schermata 20200831 alle 12.13.31.png

first 110 batch - value

Schermata 20200831 alle 14.27.02.png

second 110 batch - value

What's your favourite new card? did you already buy dices?
Let me know in comments below, and support @splinterlands!


I have not bought any yet. Focused on dcity right now. But I’ll grab some later.

Hey man! be careful to not miss 1st airdrop!

Insane luck! Congrats!
I thought I had done good with 2 GFLs in 330 Dice, but you've done better 😁

Great to see a post from you @bafi, hope you're doing well. Ciao 🤠