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A few months ago i was testing out how funding a investment club with votes would work and self voted a bunch of times ( the votes were cents) but the HW group literally fucked 4 accounts reps bc they didnt like me standing up to them and explaining it was not for the measly cents i was trying to do something interesting but anyone who really thinks about it knows they down vote to make more rewards availible for them.

If anyone would help me out by just max voting this to restore my rep bc i refuse to apologize and all that when i literally did nothing wrong and those fuckers are not the ppl who control hive they are a group that abuses power and they will regret doing so at some point bc i will destroy them or at least be a massive thorn in there side as soon as i gather the necessary HP support to outvote them since they literally said i can do it bc of my stake so my answer is get a bigger stake go back and say hey now i can do this bc of my stake and downvote all there posts fully as well as upvoting a tiny bit so the auto dv downvotes there own posts then posting a daily report showing how much money we cost the HW group and also publish larger amounts of articles emphasising the nasty shady shit they do using AI to ensure as many ppl see it as possible and show examples of memebers breaking there rules as well as how they downvote and indirectly make money as well as vote trade. If enough ppl know maybe we can get a lot of smaller members which will add up to more than they can handle and we can finally at least do some serious damage until they agree to stop being dicks and do what they were ment to is stop actual bad posts or scams not ppl trying to do something interesting and the fact it was over less than a dollar come on it is obvious i was not doing it forthe money but the fucker didnt just fuck one he looked at my connected accounts fucking all. any votes to undue his bs would be greatly appreciated.


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