Getting back on the wagon – Day 2

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Hi again! I am such a nubcake. It has been so long since I posted on Hive that I got my tags wrong and I don’t think the initial post made it to Splintertalk….

With the "success" of my first day back on Splinterlands, I decided if I got a decent focus daily, I would give it another go. And guess what, I got the Fire focus again, winner winner chicken dinner!!! I also noticed that the focus points required got reset which meant that I only need 300 FPs to get the first chest. This was nuts because I was in Silver 3 and earning SP/FP based on that league and get 2000 points per win. My first win got me like 5 daily chests off the bat. I believe I got to more then 10 chests within 30 mins of playing.

The battling was harder in the Silver league as there were more proper players it seems. Players using Lvl 2 & 3 summoners as opposed to the starter cards. Speaking of using starter cards, I don’t get why bots are using starter cards only. There is like no DEC and maybe 80 points per win. Just feels like a waste of electricity to run the bot. I was still using Yodin and I realized I actually had some fairly decent Fire splinter cards like Fineas Rage, Lava Launcher & Grum Flameblade. Maybe that’s why it felt quite easy against the players in the Silver League.

I actually ended the day with a 1,849 rating which is fairly close to the Gold League, but I just do not have the Collection Power to level up to Silver 1. Still deciding if I should rent the CP just to jump leagues. Also ended up with 20 daily chests below but to get to the 21st chest, required around 11,000 FPs, which would be around 5-6 wins. A tad too much effort with a low ECR.

My expectations this time round was a little more optimistic as the first time round, I got a chest with close to 500 DEC. The first 10 chests were very deflating, single digit DEC and mainly potions. Guess RNG really is a bitch.

Hello!!! Look who decided to crash the party! Not just one epic, but two, and the second one is a new one. Definitely put a smile back on my face.


Final Thoughts
It is definitely a rush to get so many chests, and this is where the SPL team has done well to satisfy this desire, especially at the lower leagues where it used to be like 7-8 chest for EOS and 1 chest for daily. Coupled with how affordable the rentals are currently, hopefully this will encourage people to start playing again. I know in the higher leagues; the competition is a lot tougher now as more players are dusting off their accounts and playing again. I believe with such a significant change to the game, we all need to take step back and revaluate how we want to play the game, how much time we are willing to devote to it.

Also added the link below to my initial post if anyone is keen. Thanks for reading and let me know what your thoughts are on the revamped reward system.

Getting back on the wagon