Tournament Stats - Sliver League Quickmatch

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Summoners Used and Faced: Lir Deepswimmer defeats Yodin, Tarsa defeats Vera Selacia, Mimosa Nightshade defeats Obsidian, Tarsa defeats Kalya, Lir Deepswimmer defeats Thaddeus Brood, Owster Rotwell losses to Thaddeus Brood.

Splinter Records:
Water: 2 w / 3 l
Fire: 2 w / 0 l
Death: 2 w / 1 l
Earth: 0 w / 1 l

Battle 1: Lir with a strong front defense and opportunity attack beats Yodin's shield defense and blast powered ranged attack.
Silver_qm battle 1.JPG

Battle 2: Tarsa with Magnor defeats a Vera and a thorns, heal, and speed defense.
silver_qm battle 2.JPG

Battle 3: Mimosa with a heavy magic and armor defense and a balanced offense beats Obsidian's taunt defense and magic bombardment.
silver_qm battle 3.JPG

Battle 4: Tarsa uses a big melee attack offense and the chicken defense to defeat Kalya's taunt defense and opportunity attack.
silver_qm battle 4.JPG

Battle 5: Lir Deepswimmer uses a big magic and armor defense with a melee powered opportunity attack to defeat Thaddeus Brood's balanced defense and magic bombardment.
silver_qm battle 5.JPG

Battle 6: Fled

Battle 7: Owster Rotwell's shield defense and melee assault lose to Thaddeus Brood's speed defense and focused fire assault.
silver_qm battle 7.JPG

Attack Strategy Wins: Balanced Melee heavy attack (2), Melee Assault (1), Magic and Melee Spread Offense (1), Opportunity Attack (1)

Defense Strategy Wins: Void Armor & Resurrect (1), Armor & Chicken(1), Heavy Magic Defense (1), Blitz Cover 0 Defense (1), Balanced Front Line (1)

Attack Strategy Losses: Melee Assault

Defense Strategy Losses: Shield and chicken defense