Rathe - New Splinterlands Chaos Legion Summoner - Overanalyzing and Speculating!

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The eye candy at this week's Splinterlands Town Hall was for Rathe, the upcoming Legendary Summoner airdrop for the Life Splinter that will land when the 9 millionth Chaos Legion pack is sold! No abilities were disclosed yet... so let's totally overanalyze every aspect of the art and the name to speculate what might be!

"Rathe" definition

adjective [ARCHAIC • LITERARY]
(of a person or their actions) prompt and eager.
(of flowers or fruit) blooming or ripening early in the year.

Looking at the definition of "Rathe" and assuming that Rathe is neither flowers or fruit... we can guess perhaps that he is "prompt and eager". "Prompt" and "Eager" in battle would probably translate to speed. He eagerly sends his monsters into the fray! Alternatively, he's an early bloomer and he's ripe, which could translate to him being... awesome for farming land? 🤣

Rathe << >> Eh Tar

"Eh Tar, also known as Professor Rathe, is the primary antagonist of the 1985 film Young Sherlock Holmes." ... "He is also the leader of the [[Rame Tep]], an ancient Egyptian society worshiping Osiris, the Egyptian God of the Dead. They are renowned for their deviance from traditional beliefs and performance of violent and sadistic rituals, most notably human sacrifices."

Read backwards, Rathe is "Eh Tar", who was one of Sherlock Holmes' frenemies. Eh Tar sacrificed victims to the god of the dead. Could that mean our Rathe is a bit of a life&death manipulator himself, perhaps reviving monsters on the battlefield?

The green ring

"(Eh Tar) has a ring that is highly reflective, and is designed to hypnotize those who are forced to stare at it for a time."


Reflective eh? Blind perhaps? The green hue could perhaps coincide with phase, which is a magic ability of sorts. Could Rathe give Phase to his monsters? That would be a first for summoners, and an impressive ability to counter opposing magic teams.

Miss me on a cloudy day

Don't stare too hard, but there's a strange cloud-shaped mirror right above Rathe's... belt buckle.

rathe clouds.png

The cloud could signify flight... or maybe he causes an earthquake for the opposing team (wonder if in the future rulesets could turn into summoner abilities!). Or the mirror is a further hint about the potential of Blind or Phase.

Dragon eyes

His cloak brooch (pin?) is a dragon with pink eyes. Could this be a synergy with the beautiful Time Mage, who also has pink eyes? She does slow, further reinforcing the theory about speed. OR the pink eyes mean... pink eye! Affliction on all enemies!

rathe dragon.png

Alternatively, this will be a synergy with dragons. He can... summon dragons even though he's a Life Summoner!

It also looks a bit like the Camouflage ability, so maybe he hides all monsters in the back row, essentially making the leading monster Taunt!

Magic attack

Of course what seems like the least subtle hint is that he's carrying no weapons and appears to be a Mage himself, suggesting some time of Magic buff. Given there aren't magic buffers among Life Summoners today, this seems like a reasonable speculation.

rathe magic bonus.png

Back to the Phase theory...

Take a close look at Rathe, then look at the Phase icon...

rathe phase.png

BOOM! A bit of magic and you can see he's that dude! The color scheme matches, and he's striking the same pose. Not so subtle, Rathe!

Laser eyes

Whatever you say about Rathe, you can't deny he's a true believer of Crypto. He's definitely buying the dip on $SPS and staking all of it 🤣

rathe laser eyes.png


Ok so where do we land with all this? If I was a betting man, I'd say Rathe will add magic damage, speed, and Phase, which would certainly make him a very powerful Legendary summoner. That or he'll give a +50% buff to your DEC rewards, create an earthquake for the opposing team, and bloom in the spring.

rathe cards 2.png


This is so good, felt like a real Sherlock Holmes mystery getting solved !PIZZA!untitled.gif

Yes I definitely put my investigative hat on for this one 🤣

I'm doing a bit of investigation for my own article and here's what I found.

Every single life summoner has been defensive in nature aside from General Sloan, who just came out. Maybe that means they're ready to open life up to more offensive capability or maybe sloan was a one off and we should stick to defensive ideas.

Personally, I'm leaning towards the latter and I think he could be more like a Cleric or a Priest than a Mage / Wizard which would have me thinking about magical ways to be defensive.

So I like your idea of Phase and + speed, defensive utility that he enhances his monsters with through magical spells or artifacts. I'm also thinking Forcefield could be in play as he shields the whole team with magic and it hasn't been done before.

Originally I thought we could see something like +1 melee attack, +2 HP, and a defensive ability like divine shield because when you look at the melee life units in Chaos Legion, they have pretty poor damage with low hp (Sunkai Harvester, Chaos Knight, etc) and that it felt like they were designed a bit on the low side so they could be brought up by the legendary summoner but the art has put a damper on that theory.

Always fun to speculate!

Really thorough, I love it! Now that you mention it, his white cape does give off "cleric" vibes...

Cool speculation and a great sense of humor, I loved it. Have a slice of !PIZZA

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

Thanks for sharing! - @libertycrypto27

Interesting and creative overanalyzing 😉

Man I loved reading that article, nicely done.

And also nice catch on the "Eh Tar" part.
Was wondering how long it will take people to make that connection 😉

Hope you like the character so far 😊

Thank you! Yeah I can't wait to get more info on it!!

Btw sounds like you have some more intel...maybe you want to share? 😉

Well I would love to share more but I think its too early to do so.

I had the final word for artwork and lore but for abilities and stats I was only allowed to provide suggestions. So its up to Matt if those suggestions get accepted or not. But I trust him 100% that he will deliver some great stats and make this card even more awesome 😊

Mate, I did the same card which is at the bottom left, posted it later, and didn't realize that those are the same stats till now. I'm such a dumbass sometimes, sorry 😅

Lol no problem man! It's cool we reached the same conclusion! 🤣

My guess is Pharse +1speed and flying. Nice article by the way. !PGM

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Are we opening bets?? I totally go for the bloom quake DEC buff!


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