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In the past few weeks, I've been working with @hawks21 to put together a new resource for Splinterlands players that will help you more easily research cards. Our hope is that we can create a SplinterGuide, a comprehensive compendium of information to help players figure out which cards they want to play by providing overall card ratings, card synergies, ruleset synergies, and more. Here's where you can find it: https://splinterguide.com/.

We'd love some feedback on the site, which is definitely still in an early stage. Feel free to put comments on the site directly, on this post, or to find us in Discord to share your feedback!

Here are some of the features you can find on SplinterGuide.

(1) Easily sort & filter through all the cards in the game. You can sort by stat (i.e. mana, speed, melee, ranged, magic, armor, and health), search by name or ability, filter by Splinter, Rarity, or Format, and sort by our very own ratings.


(2) In the Card Detail Page you can find all the information about the card, including the basics (i.e. stats and skill details) but also ratings by league and card synergies (only available for Modern cards at the moment).


(3) On every Card Detail Page you can also find Ruleset Analysis, which shows good rulesets, bad rulesets, and ineligible rulesets for the card. These are all done programmatically, by looking at the stats and abilities of the card in order to suggest each ruleset.


(4) Comment threads powered by Disqus are on each Card Detail Page, allowing players to start discussing specific cards within the context of the page.


We're planning on adding a lot more to the site, and of course completing some of the data that's currently missing (such as card synergies for Wild cards), but at the moment what we really need is feedback. Have we gotten some of the ratings wrong in your opinion? Are we missing key synergies? What other tools and visualizations would you like to see in addition to what we've done so far?

Thanks a ton for taking a look, and as avid & passionate Splinterlands players we are looking forward to making SplinterGuide a useful tool for the Splinterlands Community.


Power to the people! This looks like a great info aggregator tool for players to learn and discuss cards and their synergies!

Thanks @ducecrypto ! 🙏🙏🙏

There is no doubt that Splinterguide will be very useful for players. I wondered how the ratings were calculated. The cards' ratings are in line with my experience and the top battles I watched.

Thanks! I'll write a methodology article later this week to give more details on how we did the ratings.

That can be a usefull Tool. Playing fights is the best way to get better in Splinterlands but this Tool could help a lot 😁

Thanks, glad you find it helpful :)


Very interesting :) I am sure Byza will be delighted!

Lol, that was a glitch... thanks for spotting! Fixed!


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This is good. I do not think I need any of these cards. I think I have at least 3 max of each, and some GF. They can all go to land.

Thanks for sharing! - @azircon