Announcing Darth Squirrel NFT Collection!

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I am thrilled to finally officially announce and release the Darth Squirrel NFT collection that has been in the works for about 6 months now! Darth Squirrel has been the mascot of my channel for several years, and it is super exciting that I now get to turn him into a collection of fun, generative NFTs that will provide amazing utility and allow me to share the success of my channel with my viewers! Here is a look at the first Darth Squirrel generated from the collection:


As you can see, Darth Squirrel has become a Splinterlands card! Not really of course, as these NFTs are NOT useable within Splinterlands, but it's always fun to imagine how the card would actually perform. And because all of the abilities and stats (not mana) are randomly generated for each mint, each Darth Squirrel NFT will be unique! There are over 1.8 billion different combinations of Darth Squirrel's that can be minted. Some could even be extremely rare, with some traits appearing in as few as only 1 in every 300 mints!

These NFTs aren't just for collecting though, they will also have real utility! At launch Darth Squirrel holders will have access to a special holders only areas in my Discord server and the ability to earn referral bonuses by referring sponsors to the channel. I will also be accepting Darth Squirrel's as payment for advertising on my channels. The initial exchange rate will be $50 for each NFT, but the rate is subject to change over time based on market conditions. Potential sponsors can reach out to me directly for details on different advertising options available (preferred contact: Bulldog1205#3050 on Discord).

The best way to get your hands on of these Darth Squirrels is to win one on my livestreams! From this point on, every single Twitch stream of mine will come with a guaranteed giveaway of at least one Darth Squirrel. The collection size is 1500, so the design is for there to be NFT giveaways on every stream for the next several years. Giveaways will also occur on other platforms, such as Twitter, Youtube, and Facebook, so make sure you are following me everywhere!

I hope you all are excited about this project as I am, and I can't wait to start minting Darth Squirrels!

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How do we get one? Is there a guide somewhere or do we reach out to you directly? I would be willing to support! Looks great!

It's designed for 100% of them to be handed out via giveaways to promote the streams. I'm not selling them directly.

Ok, fingers crossed then! Thanks

Badass dude!!!

You did a great job thanks also to TW: ocojoco_054450 who did this for you..😍

me tw: expertsplinter

niceee count me in bro

Darth Squirrel card looks great Bulldog. Looking forward to your next stream