XBOT Season - Day 6

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It was a HUGE day for XBOT! The session started off with an impressive 9-0-1 start in the first 10 battles to climb completely through all of diamond 1 and into champion.


XBOT actually climbed over 100 rating into champion and into the top 30 on the leaderboard at the peak. All of those champion wins helped it rack up 530 SPS for the day. Unfortunately it eventually fell back into diamond before the session concluded. This is actually pretty significant as it won't be able to rack up those lucrative champion chests until it actually starts a session in the league. Still a tremendous day though.

In a previous post I mentioned how XBOT didn't seem to be using dragons all that much. To get a better breakdown of what was being played, I turned to another bot in Archimago.


The first thing that jumps out is how frequently earth was placed. This was fueld by Mylor with an impressive 9-4 record across this sample size. Mylor is one of the top summoners in the game, so it certainly makes sense to play him a ton. Dragon still didn't get played all that often at only 10% of the battles (winning all of them!). Surprisingly Sthispa continues to get used some with another 2 battles this session. That's a summoner I've never found a lot of use for in my own battles.

Overall I continue to be impressed. XBOT has had positive sessions in all 6 days and has broken into champion at about the same point in the season I typically do. For the rest of the season I will be on vacation, so I won't get to follow the bot as closely as I have up to this point, but you can still expect daily reports recapping the overall performance, so stay tuned!

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I only tried it once but it did not give good results for me as I only have 4 wins from 11 matches and 2 of them are 2 consecutive surrenders. It also uses starter cards despite setting the bot not to use it. It's on modern silver btw with max level bronze and cl deck owned and some key untamed cards rented.

You can certainly report any issues on their Discord. There is a reason it's still in beta, as things are still being fine tuned and some bugs are still present. I've let my Darth Squirrel account run with XBOT, and despite it being only a bronze level deck it has a winning record in gold.