Splinterlands Battle Mage Secrets: Basics Matters!

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What's up dear Splinterlands and Hive community


I'm trying to be more active in both grinding and posting on Splinterlands since I have enough free time for the game and the passion to accumulate those awesome Soolbound Cards as well as growing my Collection with Blog Posts Rewards (I want to use this opportunity to thank each and everyone of you who took the time to read and Vote)... Anyways, this week's Bettle Mage Secrets Ruleset is ...

Back To Basics

  • Monsters lose all Abilities
  • Abilities from Summoners still apply

I hate this Ruleset, it may seem very simple but its not! I'm probably having the worst winrate in battles including this Ruleset:

  • I rely on Abilities more than on Base stats in my playstyle so I'm kinda lost during BACK TO BASICS
  • Bots always find the way to destroy me during these battles since its relatively simple to form the perfect team using the large database at the bots disposal

Enough Ranting, During these couple of battles, I'll break this losing streak:

Into The 1st Battle!


So we have a Low Mana battle (19 Mana) with Limited elements available (Fire, Death and Dragon), after some thinking, I've decided to go for an unusual Team composition taking into consideration the 2nd Ruleset Unprotected:

This Legendary Summoner fits very well with this Ruleset, not only the flexibility to choose between Dragons and other Element but also 2 Base stats Manipulation
-1 Speed Nerf can win the game on itself
-1 Ranged really impactful since Ranged and Magic are used on the Rear Positions
rDespite the high mana cost 9 mana, I believe this card can play a major Role in this battle
5 Melee Damage m that can take down most Monsters in a single shot (Unprotected Ruleset: NO Armor)
9 Health that can sustain the damage for a couple of turns: low mana = less monsters = less incoming damage
Going for magic attack on the 2nd Position in case UndeadRex got taken down and unlike Ranged Damage, it can fire from the 1st Pisition: 1 Magic Damage + 3 Speed and okayish Health can do the job
Naga assasin is my best bet the fill the 2 Mana left.
Speed is even more crucial during BACK TO BASICS ruleset
5 Speed should cover up for its low Health and Archery Damage


Pre-battle Buffs and Debuffs

Round 1


Having the Speed Advantage was really impactful:

  • My 3 Monsters attacked and defeated Living Lava even before it had the chance to attack
  • it even resulted in Goblin Fireballer miss its attack
  • Undead Rex still standing with more than Half its Health intact

Round 2


  • Furious Chiken was discarted by Naga Assasin
  • Djinn Apprentice launched its desperate attack before it was taken down by Undead Rex massive damage

Round 3


It was pretty much over after My Rear Monsters took down Goblin Fireball and Undead Rex dealing the finishing blow to Xenith Archer

Here is the link to watch the Battle

Into The 2nd Battle!


In this Battle we got higher Mana available 34 Mana with All Elements available, While I might be at a disadvantage if I face Magic Damage, I've decided to go for Possibilus and try a more Melee-oriented Composition:

sRemember when I said earlier that Summoners Abilities DOES apply:
+2 as a base stat to each monster = Total 12 Additional Health
Trample t A chance to perform a second attack after taking a kill
Reach the flexibilty to place a Melee Monster on the 2n Position
A Solid Tank!
8 (+2) Health that can even resist the barrage of Magic + 6 Armor
4 Speed for early attacks and evasion chances
But lacking in term of Damage
In addition to Kulu's solid base stats:
4 Melee Damage (more offensive Oriented)
4 Speed
9 (+2) Health
and thanks to Reach Ability, it attacks from the 2nd Position while being safe from Frontal Damage
Kulu got the highest chance to proc Trample t for an additional Attack!
In case Diemonshark got defeated, we'll have Tide Biter in the 2nd Position, for just 3 Mana it will Reach with 4 Speed and 2 Melee Damage that will hurt the opponent
A fill and a meat-shield for the Cards in latter positions
Placing another Melee won't be practical so instead I've went for my newly acquired Soulbound Legendary Card, 1 Magic Damage that goes through Armor and decent 3 Speed for early attacks
A great card for 4 Mana in term of damage and little tankiness
2 Ranged Damage + 3 Speed + 5 Health (well it would be my loss if Kulu turn came down to teh 1st position)


Pre-battle Buffs and Debuffs
Yup, Sadly I'm facing an ALL-Magic team...

Round 1


Both Teams attacking Ruthlessly, It's clearly visible that I've got the upper hand on Speed but Unicorn Mustang still standing after taking of these attacks!

Same as Diemonshark still alive with 1 Health after receiving a barrage of Magic Damage!

No Casualties on the 1st Round, the battle still ON!

Round 2


  • This is why Speed Diff Matters!
  • Kulu Mastermind defeated Unicorn Mustang and Trample on Hill Giant
  • Diemonshark defeated Hill Giant and Trample on Mycelic splispawn before it got killed
  • Kulu Mastermind massive health allowed it to survive the barrage of magic damage
  • Slipspawn is left with half its health.

Round 3


Again showcasting the Speed importance

  • Tide biter steals the show by taking down Slipspawn and trample on Elven Mystic letting Musa Saline finish it off
  • Kulu Swimhunter takes donw Venari
  • Khimer Princess is only left with her destiny between Kulu Mastermind Tentacles

Here's the link of the 2nd Battle

Key Points

  • Base stats (Health, Speed, Damage) are additionally important during BACK TO BASICS Ruleset
  • In case no Armor is on the way(Unprotected Ruleset or Water not available), Placing a high Health, high Damage Monster like Undead Rex can do the job
  • Speed Difference can turn the tides of the battles and seems more impactful in this type of Ruleset
  • Quix and Possibilus seems to be adapt well with BACK TO BASICS
  • Immortalis is a go-to if BACK TO BASICS is followed by WANDS OUT Ruleset

Good luck Have Fun on your Splinterlands Battles!

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