Coastal Sentry - Double Strike is a Scattershot Killer

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The line up at first sight my opponent's team was way better than mine all gold cards and high powered magic monsters, and to make it worse a summoner that debuff's my range monsters, that died almost immediately. The saving part was my Sea Monster in first spot was not taking much damage so was able to heal up.

Side Note: Watch the battle and I am getting OVER RUN Watch The Battle

Two Way's To Play This Ruleset

The theme I am highlighting is: - Aimless. It's a total game-changer that gives all ranged and magic monsters the Scattershot ability, making their attacks hit random enemies. It might sound like chaos, but let's break it down for you. I show How to Beat it and How To Use it

Option 1 is to avoid the ranged attackers altogether, and swipe those with moves like Opportunity, Sneak, Reach, Retaliate and other sweet abilities. This tactic can decrease the randomness of the Scattershot.

Option 2 is to go wild and stack up with heavy-hitters, go full throttle with extra speed and abilities like Piercing. A true death or glory method.

I went with option 1 and decided to put the Coastal Sentry in second spot to take advantage of the reach ability from the summoner, and hoping the double strike will do the needed damage It was an exciting battle, showcasing the power of the Aimless ruleset.

Bypass Taunt with Scattershot

If you're one of those folks who ain't a fan of the Scattershot ability, think again! There are certain situations where monsters with Scattershot can be an absolute game-changer. Trust me, you wanna consider this ability when building your deck.

One of the most significant advantages of Scattershot is how it can bypass taunts. If your opponent's playing the backline taunt strategy, Scattershot's the way to go. By targeting the backline with Scattershot attacks, you can weaken your opponent's front line and set them up for a quick and easy takedown. How's that for an advantage.

Scattershot is also super useful in weak magic rule sets where monsters with void armor and blast abilities are popular choices. These monsters can be a pain in the neck, but Scattershot monsters can effectively counter them by targeting the reflection shield monster. That'll neutralize your opponent's blast damage and give you a sweet advantage.

So, to sum it up, Scattershot ain't all that random after all. It can help you gain the upper hand in battles, and it's definitely worth considering when building your deck. Don't let your opponents have all the fun, equip yourself with Scattershot monsters and rule the game!

Battle Details

This is a great battle to watch, the enemy's scattershot is totally destroying my team, and the number of miss shot's I am making is ridiculous.

Then the hero has double strike and trample so she is striking more times than normal, like first strike get's a kill this triggers trample and then the second strike hit's with a kill and another trample. How cool is that.

Watch the full battle Desktop Version

Watch the full battle Mobile Version

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