Demented Shark Complete the Daily Quest

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Greetings Splinterlands Fans

Daily Quest rewards today was a Common cards from the Water Splinter. Unlike yesterday when i managed to get a gold rare card only a common card today but a good one, I was assigned the Snipe Quest, I have the option to select a new quest, but I thought I could do ok on this quest. Winning five matches was a bit of a game for one I keep forgetting to add a sniper card to my line up, moved a bit further into gold one division and closer to diamond level three (might make it tomorrow) I accumulated a few more DEC tokens for the battles which is always good.

Demented Shark

Splinterlands Card Collection @ctrpch

Abilities and Usage

This monster can be good in first spot on low mana battles, as he has a shield and good health, also the inspire ability so all melee monsters get a plus one boost to their attack, you can make an all shark team, that looks cool. At level three he gets another melee attack so with inspire that three and at level six gains another ability Thorns

SplinterLands Lore

Sharks are incredibly resilient in the wild of the Outer Ocean. Because of how recklessly and indiscriminately they throw themselves at prey, they are often marred and damaged by those they attack, who possess unseen (and often horrific) defenses. One of these creatures of prey that sharks continue to foolishly attack in the wild is called the edgefish, whose scales are sharp like blades of steel. Another is the genus Coelomomyces, a group of aquatic fungi creatures that when attacked, lay spores inside the brains of larger fish. Several weeks after the spores are laid, small, treelike fungus begins to grow from the sharks’ heads. This causes the sharks to completely lose control of themselves and fall into a perpetual blinding agony of rage. This is how the monsters known as Demented Sharks are born, and when they find their way into the inner sea of ΛZMΛRÉ, no Mer is safe.

Daily Quest Loot Chests

Daily Quest Loot Chests

The Splinterlands BlockChain Game where you can win actual rewards that are worth money and you get to keep them (Radical concept I know) Better luck next time always hoping for another Gold Foil Legendary.

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