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Splinterlands Mushroom Seer.png

Mushroom Seer Battle Strategy 😎

  • Low Mana
  • Reduces Enemies Magic
  • Poison Attack

This guy has low mana and will go a long way to disabling your enemies team, especially if you can guess they are going heavy Magic with a Tank Self heal lineup.

Keep him safe in the middle as he is slow and has low health.

Javelin Thrower Strategy 🤖

  • Low Mana
  • Fast
  • High Attack Damage
  • Piercing
  • Dodge

If you want the perfect companion and to build a more balanced Team (Top Tip) then make sure to add this monster into your line up put her at the back and with the high speed and piercing, she will usually take out the opponents tanks shields ready for your tank to do real health damage.

Poison attacks will take out self healing tanks

Once the poison is in the self healing monster it effectively eliminated his heal making him depart from the battlefield much sooner.

This battle shows both teams using the Mushroom Sear in the line up, his reduction in the opponents magic attack and the 50% chance of a poison attack make him valuable,

This is not my battle but it is a great example of a Mushroom Seer and Healing Tank on both Teams - Click The Image to View the Battle





In gold league, 19 mana, I like Rexxie, Minotaur warrior, and Javelin thrower.
Usually Rexxie has the health to withstand one round of their attacks.
Javelin thrower goes first, strips armour. Then Minotaur warrior, again with pierce.
Rexxie should then have an easy kill, triggering trample.
Not as good in Diamond, as Rexxie and Minotaur have the same speed, so half the time Rexxie goes early, and doesn't quite manage to finish off their tank.

Very heavy attack move, wondering how it would line up again a healing cube and backed up by wood nymph. Mushroom magic is not good for Rexxie

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