Nectar Queen Complete the Daily Quest

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Greetings Splinterlands Fans

Daily Quest rewards today was a Common cards from the Earth Splinter. I was assigned the Life Quest, and that is good for me as I have a strong Life Team. Winning the first four battles was a breeze then i was presented with the option to move up into Diamond Three so yeah I want to move up (means 40 Loot chest at end of season) but then it took a few more attempts to win my last match. You will get matched with more powerful opponents, so think about that. Mostly I accumulated a few more DEC tokens and only one common card. Sometimes it's not that great As you can see Diamond III is as high as I can go due to the lack of card Power.

Nectar Queen

Splinterlands Card Collection @ctrpch

Abilities and Usage

She makes for a good front card in High Mana matches and more so with the earthquake ruleset as she get the flying ability at level 1, Four melee attack aand a lot of health, paired with a healer this is a hard monster to take down. Level six she gets Retaliate and Level Ten she gets Poison I might get to Level six but don't think I will get to level 10.

SplinterLands Lore

Unlike most queen bees, Nectar Queens like to get out of the nest and get their Proboscis dirty. Fortunately, you can hear one coming long before it reaches you. Unfortunately, they have a real taste for blood.

Daily Quest Loot Chests

Daily Quest Loot Chests

Not the best rewards even though I moved to diamond III and was awarded 10 Loot chests, I was mostly DEC and Potions I see @drunksamurai got similar rewards, lets hope for better cards tomorrow.

The Splinterlands BlockChain Game where you can win actual rewards that are worth money and you get to keep them (Radical concept I know) Better luck next time always hoping for another Gold Foil Legendary.

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At the back with the Llama and she's quite brutal. Kron The Undying in that position with the Llama is also amazing.

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good !!

Funny coincidence :)




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yeah I know, let hope for a better one tomorrow