Is splinterlands going to be centralized?

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This is a test post, I hope to keep posting splinterlands content on a weekly basis and keep everyone up to dat with weekly splinterlands news and updates to my account journey. Currently, I have only bought 1 spellbook about 3 months ago and I would like to say that the game has been extremely favorable to me in terms of luck because I have received 1 gold epic foil from the chaos legions rewards! After a solid 3 months of grinding I am happy to announce that my account has a net value of 460$ and I'm looking at getting enough collection power to reach silver 3 without renting by the end of the year.

On to some splinterlands news, in recent developments there have been rumors that splinterlands would open the sale of chaos legion packs to big investors first before the public general sale. how big you ask? To be considered "big" your single buy quota would need to be about 100000$-999999$ in chaos packs, and 1000000$ and up to be considered a mega buyer. Now, considering that only 12 million packs would be sold during the general sale, that's almost only 48million in USD to be bought. And in the world of crypto, 48 million is not a lot. So, with this in mind, being a new player should I buy more packs NOW or wait till the chaos legions packs come out and see what happens then? if the developers goes through with this, we might not even see a public sale because all the packs would be bought by private investors.

That's it for my first post, I hope to make it more organized in the future, but if you like what I am saying or think like me please leave a comment or upvote....thanks :) and see you next week!


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