Rental markets better than expected!

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The Big Picture

Rental revenue is better than expected post end of season, hovering around 50% of eos revenue at 12000DEC. As this is just the second day into the season it could be possible the 2day rentals for the last EOS are still in effect. As such, I am still expecting decreasing revenues for tommorrow but if it swings unexpectedly to the upside that would be good news too!


Venari Crystalsmith.png

As the conclusion of a ranked season occurs, the price of CL reward cards tank. It didn't dip as low as I expected it to, but buying at these prices are still definitely considered a steal. A few weeks ago I started to buy venari crystalsmiths, as it is the only modern light tank heal at level 1. They have extremely high utility at the moment but because they are still in print, the very low prices in my humble opinion does not reflect their true value.

I remembered 2 seasons back, when I first started buying the crystalsmiths, that they were selling for 0.014$ to 0.017$ per BCX. I definitely regret not buying more back then as they have almost doubled in value. Nevertheless, My current plan is rent all the cards out and buy more BCXs of these cards everyday, regardless of price, regardless of yROA. as it stands the 1BCX cards have about 117% yROA, but that's if you get them rented out. This becomes a problem as for most of the season I have only 30-40% of the cards being rented out, even though I set the rent price to the lowest possible, at 0.1DEC. I am currently also putting my total rental revenue into buying these cards, hopefully until I reach a BCX count of 5000. After that I can probably buy 5-6 of EACH daily from their rental revenue alone.

Rental Updates


Rental revenue for 18/8/2022 at the time of this screenshot is 13385DEC, which was higher than yesterday's. I have made some manual tweaks to absurdly high priced cards, but the majority of the cards are still unrented and I am going to wait for the update later today for the bot to start working on them again. In my experience when the bot handles the pricing most of the time 70-80% of the cards are being rented out, but there are some anomalies where 1 specific CL common is being rented out for 20DEC per BCX, and on paper represents 30% of potential revenue. I have been mentioning a rental bot, and the service I'm using currently is called Splinterrents. It is a discord-chat based bot, does not have an official website, and has very active customer service in their discord server, here's an invite . I you want to support me please use my referral code, 255571208202878977, when registering for the service

If you register with my referral code it will send me 5% of all the fees they collect from you at no additional cost to you, meaning to say I will get 0.25% of your rental revenue as a referral bonus. Once again, this does not cost you anything so you can support me for free! In the future i will also talk about Splex and explore their new features, but for now I'll just leave it at that

What I'm doing now

For now ill just be focusing on collecting more venari crystalsmiths and looking at the market for opportunities to scoop up some cheap cards. Sometimes they will appear below the current bid price, but those really do disappear fast so you have to be ready to click as fast as you can. I have bought a few like this, but most get taken by bots. Don't try to front run me on buying venaris, as they are still in print now and I would advise against pushing the card price up only for it to comeback down the nest season end. Lastly, this is not financial advice and is for entertainment purposes only.


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