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RE: Contest WINNERS Post -- "Rocking Out the Loot on Splinterlands"

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Awoooooooooooo!!!! What a way to start the New Year! Thank you sooooooooo much judges and of course @quillfire, our poet, extraordinare! It was a LOT of fun and as a SPLINTERLANDS player myself and a (frustrated) singer second, inspires me to rock it outon both genres. My wife and daughter are super stoked! All other entries were super cool and I am NOT envious of the judges and Quillfire with this. Thank you all for humoring this old wolf. And if I may plug, I do stream Splinterlands everyday at 4pm manila time. You can catch me at Happy New Year everyone!


@damienwolf , congratulations! 😁

Hearing your rendition almost got me backing out! Heavenly voice, great tone. I'm sure in many multiverses, you probably won it more than once. Just glad I got my one in a million. Regards to your dad! :)

Hehe! Thank you... 😁
Happy New Year ✨

Thank you sooo much! :)

Well earned, Wolf.

You did a great job "making it yours." We all had a great laugh.


Danke, Merci, Arigato, and all that Jazz. I was up against MAJOR competition, but your lyrics brought out an image of me hosting a SPLINTERLANDS Christmas party trying to rein in all these summoners and monsters to listen. Kinda made sure my Disney Dad side was in full swing as well. Glad you all had fun, that was exactly the intent. :D