Introductory post: Who is Demon19?

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Hi, Hive Community! Let me share you quickly who is the girl behind the user name demon19.

Who is Demon19?

My name is Mica and I graduated as Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology. I started to use the demon as my game name when I started playing Clash of Clans, which is I found it like a strong personality in a good way.

How did you found out about Hive?

In August 2021, I found splinterlands when I’m searching in YouTube for a budget team for Axie Infinity. While scrolling, Splinterlands caught my attention because I only need 500pesos to be able to play the game and earn. After a year of playing Splinterlands, I saw a post that you can earn by writing or posting your artwork in Hive. At first I did not take it serious but now with the influence of some Filipino I will try my best to create at least one or two every week.

Demon19 is not only a gamer

I found myself as a gamer, when my father bought Playstation 1. But it is not my only passion.

I am a volleyball and single Badminton player, I started to be Badminton and volleyball player when I was in Highschool. And I always compete in tournament and win as 2nd runner up (Badminton). But then in College, I still compete and finally win the tournament in both Badminton and Volleyball tournaments as First Place. I also awarded as MVP in my volleyball team. Well, I'm not a professional sports player because I only play in public university.

I also love arts, singing and playing guitar. I can't share my videos here singing and playing guitar because I'm not a good singer haha. But I will share some of my artworks.





Splinterlands PH Artwork Event

In January 2022, there is an artwork contest in Splinterlands PH which I participate and lucky I win it.


Demon19 as Splinterlands Player

I started playing splinterlands in August 2021 as a bronze player. I remember I play it without conducting research. So, my first match had a weird line up using the free card, now called ghost cards. But with the help of PH community, I become more competitive, I am now playing in Diamond/Champion League. I also play diamond/champion league scholar account, a big thank you for @mangomayhem , @joshman and cryptoeater.

Demon19 Hive Plan

Splinterlands, I want to write more about Splinterlands Social Media Challenge and Battle Mage Secrets. I'm also planning to participate in Splinterlands Art Contest.

TEAMPH, I want to keep other players to be updated what is the TEAMPH community. I will start reviewing and write about TEAMPH projects and upcoming updates.

If you want to play Splinterlands, feel free to use my referral code.


Welcome to the Hive Blogging! Have fun in doing the Social Media and Battle Mage Secrets Challenge!

Thank you!

welcome, welcome! love the artwork, too! Be on the lookout for those!

Thank you!

Welcome po sa Hive, the blogging part of this awesome network and more applications that you can take advantage of.
Keep on posting awesome content.
Ako po pala ay taga Batangas.

Thank you po! Nice, malapit lang ako diyan Quezon Province

Keep on inviting your friends to Spl and Hive to blog or just to earn in crypto.

Thank you for finally writing an article, we are looking forward to seeing you producing more content on PeakD (Perhaps streaming for TeamPH), we have found this to be a very cool platform to learn and grow, and TeamPH will stand behind you. Don't forget to subscribe to our Community Page.

Thank you always for the support!

Welcome to hive Demon! Great artwork and congratulations on winning those events!

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Welcome to blogging! Writing about your art and Splinterlands experience will be a great way to earn. Following and looking forward to your next post!

Thank you so much! I'm excited to be part of this community.

Hey @demon19! This is @indayclara from the @ocd team. Congratulations and welcome to Hive!

Sketchbook or Alien Art Hive are great communities for you to share your artwork! You can also connect with other Filipinos in Hive PH.

To help you on your journey here, you can read How To Get A Great Start on the Hive Blockchain.

Some things to remember here on Hive:

  1. Make sure to share your future blogs in the appropriate Communities.
  2. If you are looking for tips and information as a Hive newbie, click here.
  3. Plagiarism and any form of abuse is considered a serious offense.

We wish you all the best!

Hi! Thank you for the suggestions and reminders. I will take note of this.

:) welcome to hive!

Whoa, you are good in everything, sana all 🤩. I also love how artistic you are and thej sporty, sana all talaga. And you did the right thing on finally starting your journey here. Hope you enjoy your stay here.

Thank you 😻


What a beautiful talent you have dear @demon19!

It is a great privilege to soon have the opportunity to continue enjoying your remarkable talents.

Welcome to Hive Blog, and I hope to hear you sing sooner rather than later.

A big hug!

Thank you for the warm welcome!

Awesome artwork, that baby picture is incredible. Can't wait to see what else you have to share.

Welcome here You are a super artist

hi! do you have a facebook?,i'm going to ask for tips in diamond and champion

Hi. I can give you some tips, just send me a message to my discord account clowder19.

Hello Mica, Really cool to have you part of TeamPH. I wish we had a higher level deck for you now. I know one day we will have more funding to provide the higher end decks.

Thank you! Let's go TeamPH!

Its ok, she's playing mine :) Mica is one of my long term scholars who is working on the staking TeamPH Ladder.

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A artist and Sporty person are so very attractive 😊✨
Me here a sporty as well