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hello friends, hope everyone is fine. Today I share about my splinterland battle experience with you here we go.

the last one-month I didn't play splinterland because of COVID-19 and lockdown issue. Recently I started to play again splinterland but my league was down to bronze league and I got my league loot chest which I got two new reward cards

ant miners

when I got this card I think this is not good for critical match time but this card changed my mindset because ant miner life points increase on every attack I am very happy for I got this card.

Torhilo the Frozen
Torhilo the Frozen is another best card in my deck
I have already got this card from splinterland marketplace. And now I got another one from league loot chest. it has had good shield and life points every time I use this card in my front line for defence.


battle screenshot


I shared my ant miner battle replay link you can see the battle through that link.

https://splinterlands.com?ref=diamond-head this is my referral link if you like please use my referral link.

Thanks For Reading


Good to see you back playing the game! The new ant is a great card with a low mana

Thanks for sharing!

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