Yes, bonus packs will require vouchers, nothing has changed there.

About this?

  • All packs sold through the end of the second sale phase (which ends on Jan 12th, 2022) will have a chance to receive BOTH of the two new airdrop cards - plus they will also have a chance to receive the next 11 airdrop cards that will be released over the life of the Chaos Legion edition!

Does it mean that we can hold our packs and not open them until the next airdrop is available?

It doesn't matter if you open them or not - every pack you have purchased will be eligible for the airdrops, even if you no longer have the packs in your account.

No, they will only be used for bonus packs. E.g. if you buy 100 packs with no vouchers, you get 100 packs. If you buy 100 packs and have 10 vouchers, you get the 10% bonus packs and get 110 packs. If you have more than 10 vouchers, but only buy 100 packs, you will only use 10 of those vouchers and still get 110 packs.

that's what he said though right?

Oh yeah, the post did explicitly mention that vouchers won't be required lol. But hopefully the extra detail of how exactly they will matter in the general sale (which was outlined elsewhere) was helpful.

Never hurts to be more detailed, can we fastforward to general sale already?!

Vouchers will probably be required for all future pre-sales. That would make hoarding them quite profitable.

Nope. It is not. How can you suppose to buy 100 packs with only 10 vouchers. You will need 100 Vouchers and 400 usd worth of credits to get 110 Vouchers packs. It is the way it should be.


Wait what? Using vouchers to get vouchers? What sorcery is this?!

But assuming you meant packs: they're talking general sale here, vouchers will only be needed for the extra bonus packs by then. As 100 packs will make you eligible for 10 bonus you'd need 10 vouchers to actually get these.