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RE: Splinterlands Blockchain Game: The New Worse Experience In Blockchain Gaming.

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Don't bother conversing with that idiot above muddy. As you can well see, he doesn't even have the ability to construct a sentence that makes any sense. He's a clueless village idiot. He's also just a big mouthed troll and trouble maker who is only interested in sucking the dicks of all the devs and splinterlands team in general at any opportunity he can find. He just goes around spamming garbage everywhere (especially discord) calling anyone that doesn't agree with him a communist - obviously because he has an open mind that understands what a conversation actually is...lmao. He's a buffoon of the highest order, so don't waste a single second taking him seriously. You can't take back that 60 seconds of your life you just wasted responding to him. What a damn waste!

Hope you are well, and I would love to chat with you about this. I have some strong opinions about what has taken place.


Lol. Fair nuff matey. I see you still have your infamous way with words. lol. I'll holler at ya later on discord and we can shoot the shit. It would be good to catch up anyhow outside of the SL rant I just did in this post.