Just bought my first HIVE NFT, The Jungle #69 from Splinterlands Limited Series


First thing first, that last AMA was lit!
@brybro27 did a good job (as always) documenting the neat summary on it, check his post here:

One of my favorite takeaways are Splintertalk's (out of game) collectibles NFTs.

For me, it's a no brainer. I want it!

Screen Shot 2021-09-04 at 17.21.19.png

It can be found on Splintertalks front end, head to NFT's section and boom:
Spent your hard-earned SPTs (or just buy them from the market), and you'll get yours in no time.

It's a limited series. You can check the details, every collectibles got its number.

I pick mine, The UNTAMED jungle, because I love the scene. It feels like a signature world of Splinterlands, I want to own one of it as a memento for my journey in Splinterlands' world.

You can check my collection here:


That's all for today guys, get yours while it still available on the first mint, or you'll have to pay higher later.

For those who don’t know what this is all about: Splinterlands is a collectible card crypto game on the Hive blockchain. To (confirm) actions in the game, transactions are used in the blockchain, and each card is a unique token (which you can sell, trade, burn, or rent). In addition, the cards have a fairly wide variety of parameters; daily in the market players sell cards in total about several thousand dollars!

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Cool, is new to me that Splinterlands nft's with drawings were on the market.

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it's definitely worth to collect!
not to mention we don't need to waste extra money on gas fees 😄

Thanks for sharing! - @mango-juice

I was unaware of this but your post really blessed me with the intel. I just sold some of my dec stack and bought all of 3. This things go super high so better hodl before it goes enpty.

definitely worth it! 😎

Can you explain how splinterlands works ? Is that possible to play without cards ? When we click the button fight, it's asking for posting key ? What it will post if I'll accept that. I'm interested in that.

You need to configurate Hive Keychain, the posting key is just the key you need to make operations in Hive, nothing else, you won't be posting anything :).

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ah yes, thanks for helping me to answer 😁

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