Virtual Blockchain Week: One good, one Bad

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So the virtual Blockchain Week has kicked off day 4 and there are 2 things that jumped out to me...

We have 2 hive related speakers out there.

@aggroed speaking for Splinterlands
@JustinSun as usual just speaking for himself and his wallet

Guess who is good for hive and who is not?
I guess both are good according to P.T. Barnum

'There's no such thing as bad publicity'

Speaker 1 @aggreod

Lets start with one of my favourite things to have come out of Steem and that is @steemmonsters aka @splinterlands. I grew up playing World of Warcraft online and if people were figuring out marketplaces to sell stuff for FIAT online then the case for NFT is set in stone.
I really liked the presentation by Jesse about the game because he smartly highlighted the amounts to show that this is not really a small time game but that the game is really showing decent volume both in games and in Crypto volume representing a decent Fiat volume.

The hope that @splinterlands is really close to breaking out into real world mainstream gaming. This would bode well for the future of the game and in turn of course for the Blockchain it is running on.
If you are not playing yet you can find the site here
yes, that is a referral that will give us both an extra card when you join up so its win-win


Speaker 2 Justin Sun

here is the link on Cointelegraph about the Justin Sun speech

It seems a bit one sided to me and kind of unfair that @cointelegraph did not even bother to reach out to any of the community for another take on what happened...
The biggest take away for me is that he still believes he was in the right

"and that's why we believe we are doing the right thing.”

These are the last words in the article as quoted from Justin.
The "keynote" from Justin starts at 2:56 if you want to skip ahead.

this flattering image was taken from the @Cointelegraph website.

All of this from the #virtualblockchainweek related to the Hive ecosystem.

Do you agree that all news is good news ?


I couldn't watch him, he was bouncing around skittishly.

I don't agree that he thinks he's in the right, did you see that massive swallow right after he mentioned hive 'steeling funds', which they didn't steel of course because you can't steel something that someone doesn't already have.

He knows he's just being bitter and childish, it's just that now he has to front it out and kind of hope everyone forgets it asap!

well, thinking he is being right in the way a bully is (even though deep down he knows he is a pussy)

Justin Sun a perfect conman, scammer and at some point total BS.

yep, but he is a rich conman and that makes it different for a lot of people

If conman is rich people see it business strategy but if the conman is Mr. Nobody he will put on jail.

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