My Splinterlands Diary — 5 June, 2020: The Beginning

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Hi Splinterlands Fellows;

I have been playing this game since its migration to Hive blockchain. That's a fresh start in my opinion in many ways. It has done the right thing keeping in view the many players sentiments who are determined to see a free and fair blockchain that is not owned by anyone and every one has the freedom to use it freely without any fear of discrimination and sensorship. I hope this decision will be good as well economically for whole economy that is being developed around the game.

Splinterlands is an interesting game that has become talk of the town due to various reasons. Many have invested a handsome amount of money in the cards to level up their ratings. Financial reason is not the only reason of the popularity of this game but surely it is the biggest one with entertainment that the players get while playing this strategy game.

I have also invested a bit that can't be considered an investment for now but in future I may invest a handsome amount of money to level up my cards.

It is always a best 5hing to do is to write down all important things and blockchain technology has made is possible to save your records until its running.

I have decided to get benefit from this opportunity to save a journal of my daily quests and rewards I will get. The will also write down all the inflows and outflows of investment I may make.

I have reached the Silver league at the moment. Although it's not an achievement but I have fought hard to get that level. These are the rewards I got for my half hour perseverance:


This is not at all encouraging but consistency may fetch m good rewards one day. For record purpose as I have stated earlier I will write down all my investments that I will make to let me know what I have gained or lost after some months. Right now this is the investment I have made:


I hope I will live up to my commitment that I have made with myself by writing daily about my quest and investment I would make in future.