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DYGYCON an event that let's you connect with tons of people, provide you with the different opportunities and let's you find your perfect fit.


The best way to support DYGYCON and allow DYGYCON to best support you is by becoming a booth holder. While you can do most of the things below as a free guest of the DYGYCON event, becoming a booth holder will elevate you to VIP status. A DYGYCON booth is like a personal presentation stage, party zone and private meeting area all in one.

spl wiki.png

We, The wiki Editors are here in this extraordinary event for you with a booth.
We wanna thank @carrieallen @chrisroberts to help us with setting up the booth.
The Splinterlands wiki is completed to some extent and we are hiring strategists also!


If you want some free boosters pack at DYGYCON, you can go through the link below

While at the event, make sure to stop by our Splinterlands Challenge Booth, where if you can beat the Splinterlands pro on duty, you can win an exclusive NFT prize minted on NFT ShowroomNFT Showroom!

There will also be gamified NFT achievement badges, exclusive releases, live auctions, Splinterlands giveaways and more, so don't miss this awesome event that's bringing everyone together.

The splinterlands wiki is a very eleaborative yet extremely easy to understand as it is perfectly made for newbies and beginners.

If you want to join the game and are stuck, you can go through the link below:

We believe that everyone's different, so if you got an idea on how to improve our splinterlands wiki, you are most welcome to comment that down below.

I wanna thank all the senior editors and admins(@blackheart1 @unitqm @godz) who made this wiki possible! Also wanna thank the beautiful splinterlands team for the never ending support.

See you guys at the DYGYCON!

"Information and images used with permission from the DYGYCON team."


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Hi @davemccoy - thank you for the event (@davemccoy#2479 ) I really enjoyed the games and its gave me lots and lots of experience - i am not sure how i can send you the message as you mentioned in that event. Please let me know.

Hey Ravthijo, can send me your ingame name and your wax address here... but its much easier to message me on discord so I can keep you up with what's going on. I'm setting up a room to keep everyone informed, so if you want to do that, then let me know and I'll send you the link... If you don't want to mess with discord, then you can just reply to this message and give me your ingame name and wax address here. Thank you for playing :)

Hello @davemccoy, Please let me know the link to Join Discord . My In-game Name: RUTHIJO and my WAX: mdeqy.wam

Here is a link to the Team Possible server (that's my guild)... and we will be setting up a NFT channel soon to communicate... https://discord.gg/JKAWbFW

You will be able to direct message me in there though, and I have now recorded your username and wax, so thank you for that! ... Thank you for playing in the tourney and let me know how you like it when you get finished :)