Splinterlands Out of Print Vampire Giveaway to Distract Us From The Non-stop Tron/Steemit Debacle

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This is my first post since I switched full time to using Steempeak. I must say, I wish I had made the switch a long time ago. The tools for posting are much better than what is available on Steemit. And now...

Welcome to another Splinterlands giveaway!

Today, I'm giving away one of these out of print Splinterlands Reward Edition Vampire cards. Why? Because I'm tired of worrying about the takeover of the Steem blockchain by a bunch of sock puppets. So even if for just a couple minutes, I'm going to think about something else...

Splinterlands cards!

I love winning Splinterlands cards in the various giveaway. But the giveaways have dwindled somewhat lately, so I decided I better host one to help get the giveaway ball rolling again. Which brings us to this Vampire giveaway.

If you don't already have a high level Vampire, you are missing a powerful monster in your Death splinter team. Unfortunately since they are no longer minting these cards, the only way to get one now is to buy it in the market or hope to win one. To have a chance to receive this card when this contest closes at post payout time all you have to do is follow the simple instructions below to register to win.


If you're just starting out and trying to build a strong Death Splinter deck, you need a powerful Vampire to drain the life from your opponent's monsters. But, if the Vampire doesn't fit into your master plan for Splinterlands domination, you can always send him to the melting tank and extract the 15 Dark Energy Crystals locked within the card.

The choice is yours, if you're lucky enough to win this giveaway.


How To Enter The Giveaway

For a chance to add this Vampire to your Splinterlands deck, just leave a comment with your Splinterlands account name. Only 1 entry per person. The contest will end at the 7 day point of payout for this post, when I will use a random comment selector to choose the winner.

Good Luck!


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Count me in for Vampire @simonjay.

This monsters used to be no use but with the new rule range attack monster can attack in the first position is very important.

Sometimes Vampire can be a good choice for the dark team.
Count me in. @che-shyr


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